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No. sentence
1 of the hazards of living in those days will include getting conked by spare rocket parts falling from the sky.
2 approaching a problem we should see the whole as well as the parts.
3 We can communicate with people in most parts of the world by telephone.
4 This would allow customers using multiple tools built by different parts of IBM to have a more integrated experience as they switched from one tool to another.
5 It is also pressing ahead with its military missile programme, frequently testing weapons capable of reaching Israel, US bases in the Gulf and parts of south-east Europe.
6 After you have given your server a static LAN address, you can do these next parts.
7 This again shows the parts (ports and properties) that make up the static structure of the participant.
8 In some parts of India it is believed that ghosts can inhabit certain people of the living world.
9 But some critics say the plan does not do enough with parts of the crisis, such as rewriting loans that were sold as securities.
10 His extensive experience in other parts of Asia helped him to overcome cultural barriers.
11 The company has agencies in all parts of Africa.
12 Instead, look at all the good things you already have - and all the wonderful parts of your life, like your family and friends, which can't be totted up on a balance sheet.
13 In India and most other parts of the world, land acquisition for large-scale projects is a very difficult and laborious process.
14 Instead, the diagram should represent any kind of thing that passes from one activity to another: whether it be orders, parts, finished goods, designs, services, hardware, software — or data.
15 In parts of Southeast Asia, early experiments in paying landowners for preserving forest have been hampered because it is often unclear who owns, or controls, property.
16 No one yet has a comprehensive plan for how we could do so again, but everyone agrees on what the biggest parts of the plan would be.
17 Find all occurrences of parts in any model and version with part Numbers that begin with "WIN".
18 you visit any other parts of China before you came to Kunming?
19 The southwest hot-dry valley region, which is in the middle reaches of Jinsha River, is composed of parts of the regions of Pan-Xi and Chuxiong.
20 The chemical dissolves into its constituent parts when heated.
21 Though seawater contains only three parts per billion of uranium, mostly in the form of uranyl tricarbonate, the element can be sucked out of it by ion exchange.
22 Burn them with a Heat Gun: if you see cockroaches everyday in different parts of your house, you need to go after their colonies.
23 to now, Mr.Scott has sent a great many requests for spare parts and other urgent messages from one garage to the other.
24 The workers partition a room into three parts.
25 The ball is kicked (often dribbled with short kicks) or advanced by the head or other parts of the body, but only the goalkeeper may use the hands.
26 It does this by fitting small piezoelectric acoustic sensors to parts of the structure to detect the particular frequency of noise caused by a crack in aircraft-grade aluminium.
27 The practice still prevails in some parts of Africa.
28 son of a Wichita, Kansas, auto parts dealer, he was an Eagle Scout who dreamed of becoming a doctor—dissecting rats and cats in his parents' basement to get ready.
29 The television interview will be aired to all parts of the country.
30 The Bering Strait parts North America from Asia.