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1 A Republican presidential candidate loses the popular vote in a disputed election, but wins the White House after months of partisan wrangling. It's not a lie - history does repeat itself.
2 Glimmers of sunlight pass through the cedars, dappling totemic statues to collective farm chiefs and partisan martyrs: it's both fascinating and oddly beautiful.
3 I knew I had to have their support to succeed, and they knew the American people would hold us all accountable for breaking the partisan gridlock in Washington.
4 I know this has gone all partisan in Washington, although for what reason, I cannot comprehend, as the sanctity of the nation's credit rating should be a bipartisan issue.
5 the other hand, he was a partisan, and had wasted no time on election night in saying that because I didn’t even win by a majority . . . there’s not a clear mandate there.
6 The hoaxes that do exist are not limited to one partisan view, or even to politics.
7 The partisan divide in the country has barely budged for over a decade-hardly what you'd expect if the hyper-partisan information we see all around us was having much effect.
8 He calls himself a "hope-monger"; he argues-not without reason-that change cannot come if the country is Mired in the old "Bush-Clinton" partisan politics.
9 But the President's bully pulpit is not what it was before the rise of partisan cable television and the cacophony of the blogosphere empowered the obfuscators.
10 But rather than listen to you and put folks back to work, Republicans in the House spent the past couple days picking partisan ideological fights.
11 Partisan taunting seems to play a central role in the behavior of many senators, ” declared the study, by Justin Grimmer of Stanford and Gary King of Harvard.
12 Safire was a true conservative, and a partisan one too, biffing in print, and not always fairly, political opponents from Bert Lance to Hillary Clinton.
13 he is too much of a partisan to throw much light on the issues at stake: the Republicans are always snobs and liars and the Democrats are always champions of the people against the powerful.
14 As the debate gets going, Mr Bush and the Republicans will surely miss Mr Rove, who was quick to seek partisan advantage by tarnishing Democrats' reputation on security.
15 It was the ideologues, namely the critics, who made the reputation of the abstract impressionists, most famously Clement Greenberg's sponsorship of Jackson Pollock in The Partisan Review.
16 Politicians from both parties immediately sought ways to gain partisan advantage from the bipartisan event.
17 Mr Edwards has been the Congressman from this bastion since 1991, although his district changed shape around him during Texas's partisan redistricting of 2003.
18 For all the partisan bluster surrounding last week's release of President Obama's proposed 2012 budget, it reflects a longstanding bipartisan consensus to not threaten seniors.
19 First, the state's demographics are changing fast enough that an overly ambitious partisan gerrymander is likely to come unstuck during its ten-year lifespan.
20 Elena Kagan was sworn in as a Supreme Court justice, two days after the Senate confirmed her appointment in a largely partisan vote.
21 The Evening Post, the most partisan in its denunciations, called the war "unnatural, unconstitutional, unnecessary, unjust, dangerous, hazardous, and unprofitable. " The St.
22 For Obama, the day was stripped of partisan politics, and he ended it by lavishing praise on Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona, his opponent in last fall's campaign.
23 After all, pointing out the obvious truth gets you labeled as a shrill partisan, not just from the right, but from the ranks of self-proclaimed centrists.
24 Fears about this radicalising effect of partisan primaries lay behind the victory on the same day of a ballot measure, Proposition 14, to change to open primaries.
25 of letters urging Congress to act, the big business lobby has mostly hugged the sidelines as the partisan standoff over the debt limit crisis intensified.
26 Beyond this partisan influence, however, the participants were generally more inclined to say they'd be willing to vote for those candidates whom they perceived to have higher self esteem.
27 But ultimately, the partisan nature of the stimulus debate means Mr. Obama himself will do more than any statistic or maneuver to shape views of the great experiment.
28 For two or three years they live the lives of partisan commanders and commissars; they wage battles, seize territories, etc.
29 summer governors’ conference, held in Idaho, was marked by an unusual partisan fight over a fund-raising letter for the Republican governors signed by President Reagan.
30 He tried to slip the country but was hauled back by a partisan band.