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particular languages in a sentence

1. Fuller information on tense formation and usage in particular languages can be found in the articles on those languages and their grammars.

2. Common systems of gender division include: Other types of division or subdivision may be found in particular languages.

3. Halliday contrasts theoretical categories with descriptive categories, defined as "categories set up in the description of particular languages".

4. Linguists study particular languages, such as English or Xhosa, by examining the utterances produced by the people who speak the language.

5. This has led to searches for universal grammar, as well as attempts to further define the nature of particular languages.

6. Instead, the particular languages' syntactic structure forms the base for analyzing semantic value and case role in that language.

7. In grammars of particular languages the preterite is sometimes called the past historic, or (particularly in the Greek grammatical tradition) the aorist.

8. Tolkien did not work out any particular languages for the Haradrim, though mûmak, "elephant", may be in the Harad language.

9. But there is no linguistic consensus on any particular languages of East Asia with which this family of North American languages is associated.

10. Descriptive categories, by contrast, are those set up to describe particular languages.

11. The file type indicates if the file is character data, or source code written in particular languages, binary data, or code files.

12. Even in those languages which do have phonologically contrastive length, a chroneme is only posited in particular languages.

13. However, many of the book's points that generally concern stylistic and structural issues transcend the details of particular languages.

14. There are also schools that specialize in particular languages.

15. Borrowings from other languages have been mediated through these particular languages.

16. The winners of certain song contests for particular languages or groups of languages automatically qualify as entrants for Liet International.

17. Exceptions and additions for particular languages are noted below.

18. subjects can be inverted with any type of verb, but particular languages have their own rules and restrictions.

19. Women's writing may refer to the general study of women writers or women's literature as a genre in general, or in particular languages:

20. These are expressed configurationally in relevance to particular languages, and are seen represented in the surface representation of the syntactic tree.

21. In the past, some disagreements concerned whether certain correspondence sets were real or represent sporadic developments in particular languages.

22. That is why socio-economic ecologies are (dis)favorable to particular languages.

23. Applicative universal grammar, or AUG, is a universal semantic metalanguage intended for studying the semantic processes in particular languages.

24. Linguists are largely concerned with finding and describing the generalities and varieties both within particular languages and among all languages.

25. The latter studies applied junction analysis to particular languages of diverse families, including Finnish, Samoan, Korean, Japanese, and Russian.

26. Under this hypothesis, bilingual acquisition would be equivalent to monolingual children acquiring the particular languages.

27. The platform also supports every Indian language in India, irrespective of the mobile phones supporting the particular languages or not.

28. False friends can be identified as homophones although they are culturally bounded since they are defined in two particular languages.

29. Adherents of particular languages often complain that DOM is awkward and doesn't take advantage of any language's particular strengths.

30. We're not singling out particular languages for such support.