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No. sentence
1 Just like line coverage, if there are two branches in a particular method and both were covered through tests, then you could say the method has 100% branch coverage.
2 The natural changes in carbohydrate composition that occur during maturation and post harvest ripening of plant foods is therefore of particular interest to food chemists.
3 Your back, shoulders, and legs in particular need loosening.
4 In particular, you should check that you meet the hardware and software prerequisites.
5 A woman can like everything about you, but if you do these things (or even ONE of these things), it can DESTROY your chances of success with a particular woman.
6 In this particular program, doing buffer handling in this way does not affect the execution time significantly, and in some data sets, affects it negatively.
7 Within each level, we present both the dynamic view and static view of the behavior for that particular level.
8 Do you have any particular strengths or weaknesses?
9 This horizontal isolation of the application provides the capability of the application to continue processing requests regardless of the running status of any one particular server.
10 In a nutshell, though, this grabs all the img elements in a particular div, named "images", and then finds all those images in the "preview" CSS class.
11 You could do what you wanted with the ten minutes-summarize the book, talk about its central idea, or discuss an aspect of particular interest-but you had to do it in these ten minutes.
12 Teaching and tutoring work well if you have a particular skill that can be taught to others and you have patience.
13 More pleasing, less chaotic curves can actually allow you to direct the viewer’s attention towards a particular element, although diagonals are usually better suited for this purpose.
14 So have I found that in each period of life a particular season assumes a special importance.
15 What it does mean is that, for whatever reason, this particular neuron was activated by this particular scene, almost certainly with a network of other neurons across the brain.
16 They urged expanding expertise in the field of health technologies, in particular medical devices, and requested WHO to take specific actions to support Member States.
17 You may use a notebook, a spreadsheet, or any other medium you want. Write down there whether or not you have done a task in a particular day.
18 Wild animals in particular need to have excellent senses of smell, sight, hearing and even the ability to sense minute vibrations, because those senses help them survive.
19 Signs demand our attention, but they sometimes need interpretation, like when considering the signs about whether you should marry a particular person or choose a particular career.
20 rich variation in the spelling of names, in particular, has led to some interesting spell checking algorithms.
21 In recent years, it has also become clear that carriers of a particular version of a particular gene are at higher risk than others of depression and attempted suicide when they face traumatic events.
22 For any place, but in particular for any city to live, you must have faith in it, in its reality and significance.
23 It does this by fitting small piezoelectric acoustic sensors to parts of the structure to detect the particular frequency of noise caused by a crack in aircraft-grade aluminium.
24 for each component we have to describe its mole fraction in that particular phase.
25 It has confirmed the insouciance of Mediterranean countries, in particular, over the urgent need to improve their competitiveness.
26 The form elements themselves also represent objects of particular types, rather than describing what they should look like on the page.
27 What makes an interview powerful is to give an example related to their particular needs or challenges that you have demonstrated in the past.
28 I suppose this is why I am so lucky to work with the Chinese partner that I do: she enables me to apply my particular talents.
29 But if not those particular laws, then in the far future there will have to be something like Asimov's laws.
30 Therefore, the important information is about the agents and applications involved in the deadlock, in particular the agent and application that were rolled back.