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1 We participated in the spring fair.
2 years I played with Ouija boards, contacted 'spirit guides' (not realising they were demons), read tarot cards and participated in pagan rituals in devotion to a false deity (the goddess).
3 I want to thank all who participated in this historic summit — 49 leaders from every region of the world.
4 Iridium also has participated in testing its Netted Iridium service with the U.S. Marine Corps Warfighting Lab.
5 Animation firms from across the country and around the globe participated in this event, at the China Pavilion in Shanghai.
6 study used 10-second long silent video clip extracts of debates from 58 gubernatorial elections between 1988 and 2002. Some 264 subjects participated in the study.
7 All the teachers participated in the children's games.
8 this point, Sondheim had participated in three straight hits - he'd yet to taste failure on Broadway.
9 Finally, Sondheim participated in a musical for which he wrote both the music and lyrics, a Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.
10 Many closeted gays participated in individual sports to avoid the discomfort of team-sport culture, and the Olympics is the biggest showcase of individual sports.
11 These tribes participated in long networks of trade and cultural exchanges.
12 We have come together to honor the military service of American men and women, particularly those who participated in the war in Vietnam.
13 The 2009 competition in which Mr Christian participated resulted in a resounding victory for humanity—and for Mr Christian, who won the “most human human” prize.
14 Considering that only 12 nations participated, including Australia, Finland, and Japan, our next-to-last performance was pretty abysmal.
15 People did say they were happy to have participated and only 2% said that they were sorry, but still serious damage could have been done and perhaps was done.
16 Since then, it had participated in all the Summer Olympics.
17 It wants to know exactly how many doctors participated, what they did, what records they kept and the science that they applied.
18 Ministers also participated on Friday in a "Bali Breakfast" -a Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Change.
19 PHR says health professionals participated at every stage in the development, implementation and legal justification of what it calls the CIA's secret "torture programme".
20 For example, in the case of the vendor specific solution described earlier, if the discussion had instead happened within the WSTF, then more than one vendor could have participated.
21 most cases, Mr. Ben Bernanke, Chairman of FED, was present, and sometimes members of FED participated. They made plenty of explanations to the monetary policy of the United States.
22 More than 200 people participated in our first study.
23 The President's First Adviser, Hillary Clinton, also participated in shaping the budget.
24 The National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded the breast-cancer study through a consortium of clinical trial sites. Many of the country's leading academic and private institutions participated.
25 The trend in the responses was clear: When people lived in larger communities, and participated more in markets and religion, they were more willing to share, and more willing to punish selfishness.
26 I've participated in many of these debates, as have some of you.
27 Many people who saw the campaign were more likely to donate or volunteer in the future, according to his research, even those who had not previously participated in that particular campaign.
28 More than 30 countries and regions participated in the Expo.
29 He has talked to medical men who have participated in executions and to others who have become prosecuting lawyers in malpractice suits.
30 When she was growing up, he praised her often, ate dinner with her each night and attended every track meet, play and debate team event she participated in.