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No. sentence
1 The rosier view of Liverpool’s future depends in part on the city’s uneasy relationship with the region’s biggest developer, Peel Holdings.
2 He replayed the part of the tape in which Tom headed the ball into an open goal.
3 The pinna is the visible part of the ear, just right for grasping naughty boys by.
4 He crystallized salt as part of his experiment.
5 We may indeed graft living branch to living tree, or living part of animal or man to other living part, but it is not life with which we are working; it is form only.
6 Those spots are a natural part of the ripening process.
7 team at BLOSSOMS has set it up so that nearly anyone who thinks they have something valuable to share can do their part at educating the public.
8 They planted the first church in that part of the city.
9 He did this in part by embroidering the gown with garlands of spring flowers.
10 He risked his health and his reputation to advance the idea that we are not over nature but a part of it.
11 I believe all conferences should be banned as part of the new austerity.
12 Replace some part of the file with random data.
13 But I stand by my comments on the open, advertising supported part of the web publishing model.
14 The first command, /usr/local/bin/search --config /usr/local/etc/sphinx.conf ENG, found the two occurrences of ENG in part numbers.
15 What is the most touching part of your partner when you are with her?
16 While each story is unique, it functions for the most part as something that can be Shared and exchanged with others.
17 Although he had only rehearsed the part a few times, he carried it off beyond all expectations.
18 She acted the part more effectively each time she replayed it.
19 Your character is already a part of the world around them; they have friends, enemies, and a past.
20 They represent who we are and where we came from and this past needs to be part of our future.
21 They displayed only a part of their products because space was limited.
22 If you already have an application in which you have to integrate charts, then you can skip this part and go directly to the next part, which explains the integration of charts with the application.
23 Part 5 investigated a scenario in which we switched between protocols supported by the service requester and the service provider.
24 Everyone realizes now that free ad-supported content is not the exclusive model of the future; it's just one part of it.
25 method used by RFIDIC realizes this as part of the conditions that can be expressed inside disclosure policy rules that filter out unwanted result objects.
26 In this installment, part 4, of the series you learned how to handle multiple service names matches in a service registry with advanced search capability.
27 IBCS is part of the Army's modernization effort; it will integrate current and future air and missile defense systems into a common battle command system.
28 They recognise that the drive for missile defence on the part of the US means that they need to expand their nuclear capabilities in order to stay in the same place.
29 The date should correspond to the timeframe when the analyst anticipates that part of the requirement will change or become obsolete.
30 But Russian military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer cautions that Ukraine could be Russia's next target as part of what he says is a grand Kremlin plan for the partial restoration of Russian greatness.