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papilla in a sentence

1. The lacrimal canaliculi open into the papilla.

2. Bovine duodenal papilla.

3. This mass is now considered the dental papilla.

4. Within each papilla are hundreds of taste buds.

5. General look. Detail of the anal papilla.

6. There is only one penial papilla.

7. Males have a genital papilla.

8. there is a small papilla at its tip.

9. Vomerine teeth and lingual papilla are absent.

10. The tongue has a pointed papilla.

11. The lingual papilla is absent.

12. The papilla covers the opening of the vagina.

13. External granular papilla are present.

14. Each papilla contains many sensory cells.

15. Within each papilla are hundreds of taste buds.

16. Within each papilla are hundreds of taste buds.

17. Its mantle is covered in pointed papilla.

18. External granular papilla are not present.

19. convexa lacks the long papilla.

20. The anus is prolonged into a long free papilla.

21. Papillitis is an inflammation of a papilla.

22. They develop and extended genital papilla.

23. The papilla is meant to be surface cells.

24. no lingual papilla.

25. only one papilla is found behind the eye;

26. Papilla is from Latin, meaning "nipple".

27. vomerine teeth and an absent lingual papilla;

28. Duodenal papilla may refer to:

29. Presence of a single narrow buccal papilla.

30. Over each eye is a conical papilla.