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No. sentence
1 He was pointed at by all the shopkeepers in town as one who never paid his bills.
2 About 60,000 regular soldiers have reached retirement or are close to it but the government has not paid them off.
3 We dropped two members of the club who have not paid their dues.
4 The evidence indicated that the company had failed for other reasons, but the Weirton workers thought otherwise and Al paid the price.
5 It is why after thinking through all these I feel all that I lost are paid back in another way.
6 Two-thirds of its residents are formerly homeless people, whose rent is paid by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.
7 The purchases were paid for with cash.
8 shredder. If you shred a fair bit of paper around your place (credit card or bank statements, receipts and paid bills) a great idea is to place the shredder directly over the recycle bin.
9 Many people thought that whatever Mr Bernheimer had paid for Colnaghi, it was too much for a largely denuded dealership.
10 Ten years on, success will simply be the holding of ground in a grinding counter-insurgency that will increasingly be fought by Afghans and be paid for by Americans.
11 The boardroom, after all, is a desirable place to be-and before the invention of prisons, even crime might often have paid.
12 Regardless of who and how they paid to access the telephone network, once they are on the line, they can call anyone.
13 came a policeman who recorded a videoblog saying he was sick and tired of fabricating crimes and not being paid properly.
14 It took decades, but the persistence of the Narragansett at getting back a part of what belonged to them finally paid off.
15 The bankruptcy trustee sifting through the remnants of Madoff's firm has taken an aggressive approach towards "clawback" from those to whom Madoff paid out gains.
16 He also surveyed local suppliers to estimate prices and interviewed villagers to determine the wages paid on the project.
17 They huffed and puffed about the price but eventually they paid up.
18 The blackmailer had to be paid off. He was too dangerous.
19 On one side, we have the claim that the rising share of taxes paid by the rich shows that their burden is rising, not falling.
20 You should be able to make some money via tips despite not getting paid.
21 Although the bread was free, people paid for it with their time.
22 Members of Congress should be constitutionally barred for life from working as paid lobbyists.
23 Some analysts worry that the supposedly temporary measure will never be reversed, but will instead join a host of other Brazilian taxes introduced in haste and paid at leisure.
24 In my haste I grabbed the item, bolted to the counter and paid... totally neglecting the queue of people waiting to pay.
25 One of the attendance ads featured two people sitting around a kitchen table, talking about how they wouldn't get paid if they showed up for work only half the time.
26 Not only might investors start to chase high yields again, but they might also start to worry about how the bill for all those unorthodox policies is going to be paid.
27 Their shares now trade at discounts of over 45% to the net asset values booked in the first quarter, suggesting deep scepticism that these investments are still worth what was paid for them.
28 Thus, the more the dollar is debased, the more capital gains taxes must be paid on holdings of gold and other precious metals.
29 But Nader Hasan said the lawyer had told his cousin that even if he paid the Army back for the cost of his education, it would not allow him to leave before his commitment was up.
30 This low tax on land was part of the reason for the property bubbles in these countries, because untaxed land value was paid to Banks, which, in turn, lent it out to bid up prices all the more.