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paedomorphic in a sentence

1. In addition, paedomorphic characteristics in women are often acknowledged as desirable by men in developed countries.

2. By 2011, the finding by the same researcher was simply "Dogs are not paedomorphic wolves."

3. Compared to the wolf, the dingo possesses a paedomorphic cranium similar to domestic dogs.

4. Axolotls live in a paedomorphic state, retaining most characteristics of their larval stage for their entire lifespans.

5. S. lacertina is paedomorphic, as are all sirens.

6. Paedomorphic adults are more pale in colour than metamorphic ones.

7. Only part of a population is usually paedomorphic, and metamorphosis can follow if the pool dries out.

8. Paedomorphic and metamorphic newts sometimes prefer different prey, but they do interbreed.

9. An example of a paedomorphic population of the northwestern salamander occurs at Crater Lake, Oregon;

10. It is a totally aquatic species that is paedomorphic (does not metamorphose).

11. This species is usually paedomorphic.

12. Female-like (paedomorphic) males apparently also occur, at least in some species.

13. Female-like (paedomorphic) males apparently also occur, at least in some species.

14. Its small size and relatively large eyes are considered paedomorphic (juvenile) characteristics.

15. Due to certain skeletal characteristics, it has been suggested that D. microphthalmus is a paedomorphic clariid.

16. They were paedomorphic, retaining the larval gills on adulthood.

17. However, the evolutionary biologist Abbey Drake has found that "dogs are not paedomorphic wolves."

18. Overall, the skull is much more paedomorphic than that of northern foxes.

19. It is considered that X. medusiformis may be paedomorphic, retaining larval characteristics into adulthood.

20. Its English language common names include wide-gape paedomorphic goby and babyface goby.

21. The species is also paedomorphic, with mature adults retaining some characteristics of larvae.

22. The species is paedomorphic.

23. It was thought to be a close relative of Tergipes but molecular phylogeny reveals it to be a paedomorphic facelinid.

24. They were paedomorphic and presumably aquatic.

25. "Dogs are not paedomorphic wolves."

26. It is possible however that Acostasaurus, like other plesiosaurs, was paedomorphic.

27. Neocyema is known for its vivid orange color and paedomorphic life cycle.

28. Paedomorphic adults have been reported for Kosswig's smooth newt.

29. Paedomorphic adults have been reported for Schmidtler's smooth newt.

30. Paedomorphic adults have been recorded for the Caucasian smooth newt.