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1 This modular approach lowers total cost of ownership to a point where testers can sustain scripts by centralizing much of these required updates over the lifetime of your software.
2 Third, the flow of resources through financial institutions is an irresistible source of government patronage. An important exemplar was the effort to promote home ownership among the insolvent.
3 How to establish dedicated ownership for your company is a topic beyond the scope of this article.
4 Collective code Ownership: No single person "owns" a module. Any developer is expect to be able to work on any part of the codebase at any time.
5 Since I have just mentioned the media as ripe for public ownership, let us take this as an exemplary case.
6 matter in dispute is the ownership of the house.
7 But certainly we could go much further toward private ownership than we have until now, turning rivers, for example, into private property, as is done in Scotland.
8 This requires the practice of strong ownership to avoid merging as much as possible, because any merges will have to be performed with very little context.
9 If how want house property transfer ownership to deal with to filial body directly?
10 Pirelli was one of the first into China when majority foreign ownership of tyre factories was allowed in 2005.
11 I'm not talking about total ownership," she quickly cautioned - stopping herself by posing a question: "would we have ever thought we would see the day when we'd be using that terminology?"
12 shares directly from the founder, they can increase their ownership without increasing the post-money value of the company.
13 As a creator of a work, you keep your ownership while allowing people to copy and distribute your work.
14 Yet many do not have the time or the tools to carry out such research, which is a complex undertaking as there is no central register of art ownership.
15 worsened as China develops and private ownership of vehicles becomes the dream of every family.
16 To re-claim the ownership of your mind, fear must be assimilated. Always do what you are afraid to do.
17 The fundamental problem with the proprietary software model is not one of evil ownership or grasping vendors.
18 If any methods that accept or return an m object are implicitly assuming that the ownership of m is being transferred, you must document that, too.
19 In this case, the ownership of the buffer has been effectively transferred, and the calling code must assume the buffer to have been deleted when the transferee method returns.
20 This is why the Value Chain model tends to set the governing policies tight enough to guarantee the ownership or, at least, direct control over all related resources and capabilities.
21 This article analyzes China's commercial Banks' ownership advantages, location advantages and internalization advantages in the process of foreign direct investment under Dunning's eclectic paradigm.
22 are analyses of Chinese commercial Banks' ownership advantages, location advantages and internalization advantages in the process of FDI under Dunning's eclectic paradigm in part two.
23 I think the channel semantics (lose ownership of a message when it is sent) is a sweet spot in the trade-off among efficiency, verification, and expressiveness.
24 However, as you will see in later parts of this series, cloud computing also raises questions of ownership, security, and cost.
25 So does that mean we can say goodbye to the concept of object ownership?
26 Managers and executives examine total cost of ownership (TCO) from the top down.
27 Besides garbage collection, two other approaches are commonly used to deal with the problems of aliasing: reference counting and ownership management.
28 Maintaining an ownership hierarchy, where each resource owns the resources it acquires and is responsible for releasing them, helps keep the mess from getting out of control.
29 We can't afford to squander money giving huge windfalls to Banks and their executives, merely to preserve the illusion of private ownership.
30 Clarifying responsibilities and ownership of assets across the distributed development organization.