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No. sentence
1 few people know about him is that he has left behind a trail of emotional destruction, having spent decades abusing vulnerable individuals for his own twisted purposes.
2 Whether coated in a chocolate shell, dipped in whipped cream or nibbled on their own, strawberries are delicious.
3 Between us we own most of this company.
4 He countered my plan with one of his own.
5 She cherished the child as though he were her own.
6 They are lobbying for their own proposals.
7 Catherine, we would fain have deluded yet: but her own quick spirit refused to delude her: it divined in secret, and brooded on the dreadful probability, gradually ripening into certainty.
8 Not because he would suddenly have ceased to believe in his mission-he was too enlightened to be a skeptic-but because death for others is harder to bear than one's own death.
9 We all have those constant burdens to bear, each in our own way.
10 We should live by our own principles.
11 You should not deprecate your own worth.
12 Each team has their own work branch, since they each need somewhere to test their code before publishing to the trunk.
13 So we decided to create our own publishing company.
14 This is the first integrated antenna that also serves as its own reference.
15 He circumvented their objection to the plan by having one of their own members propose it.
16 If you, like us, find that your application requires a great deal of manual coding, we suggest you create your own set of widget classes to simplify the code you write.
17 A burly old man led his own flock up a steep mountain promising them the secret of life and its miracles.
18 They stinted for years to buy their own house.
19 Jane finally broke away from her parents and got an apartment of her own.
20 These tools not only help you with IBM products but can help you with your own applications as well.
21 Like the jobs you launch, you also own the directories and files you create.
22 He saved my life at the risk of his own.
23 You have to find your own groove, but chances are that you have to tell people what you think if you’ve got a small crowd bothering you all the time.
24 Pay for Lawn Service – You could save $150 a month, get some healthy exercise and maybe even a bit of a tan just by mowing your own yard.
25 Chris talked about putting all the pieces together, about creating our own brand.
26 he insists on his own methods and designs, it is because they are his own.
27 Like everyone in your organization, you have your own strengths and weaknesses, so admit that you cannot do or know everything.
28 all have our own strengths and weaknesses.
29 Photography is a language, with its own limitations and strengths, but these are my tools, so I have to try and use them well.
30 The book embodies the results of his own original research.