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No. sentence
1 The team found that up until about 1800, sea levels actually fell owing to volcanic eruptions that periodically injected ash into the atmosphere, veiling the Sun and cooling the Earth.
2 She always natters about many people owing her money.
3 They rightly see it as a race between them getting their derivative exposure straight, and owing billions on defaulting companies to which they are overexposed because of ill-hedged swaps.
4 Tea, whether black or green, caffeinated or decaffeinated (herbal teas don't count), has spectacular antioxidant capabilities owing to large amounts of substances called flavonoids.
5 Owing to the reluctance of the American public to enter the war, Roosevelt could not pursue his aim directly.
6 But the analysis also pointed to a possible problem in that China's rate of emissions reduction slowed from 2000 to 2005 before recovering from 2005 on, owing to improvements in energy efficiency.
7 Remembering how the Captain of the Watch had admonished him, he stopped and peered about, but owing to his proximity to the light of his own lanthorn he saw nothing.
8 A living example of functionality combined with stylised architecture, even if some have come to consider it dated - owing largely to the distance between the spectators and the pitch.
9 three years after her death, revolutionaries owing allegiance to him overthrew both the Qing dynasty and the age-old system of imperial rule.
10 uncertainty owing to both the sampling variability and the choice of model (s) should be given when disease burden results are presented.
11 The Satisfied Customer, perhaps owing to a collision with the moon's jagged surface, deflated into a rubber rag.
12 edict has been issued temporarily abolishing the land tax in Shantung, as the people are unable to pay it owing to the famine.
13 Nonetheless, the judges ruled, they could not publish it, owing to evidence from Mr Miliband that America would retaliate by withholding vital intelligence in future, thereby placing Britain at risk.
14 Owing to the danger of air raids, all civilians must vacate from the city.
15 wildlife could habituate themselves to the changes of surroundings owing to the Qinghai-Tibetan railway building by learning and adjusting their behavior.
16 Overall, the wildlife could habituate themselves to the changes of surroundings owing to the Qinghai-Tibet highway construction by learning and adjusting their behavior.
17 was sorry then that, owing to her backwardness, he had not observed her; and with that in his mind he left the pasture.
18 Owing to this mishap they all stopped to adjust the misplaced footgear, and while doing this the conditions under which alone they could return to their husbands came to mind, and they began to cry.
19 Paradox is named owing to the contradictory of expression, but it does not militate against understanding.
20 But with many of its members owing their positions and livelihoods to Mr Berlusconi, that will be difficult.
21 Owing to the small size of the mausoleum chapel, the mosaics do not create the impression of vain, cold pomp.
22 That was a practical plan, but, owing to a change of circumstances, it no longer proved practicable.
23 Owing to the globalisation of capital under neo-liberalism, the ruling class recognises that the solution must be global.
24 doleful silence was broken at length by the sound of the kitchen latch: Heathcliff had returned from his watch earlier than usual; owing, I suppose, to the sudden storm.
25 Meditation is now being quite extensively studied by cognitive science owing to the clear effects it has on the brain, and on the increasing evidence for its benefit in mental health.
26 While the day-to-day physical work has bulked him up, he also suffers from joint pains and a cough, owing to the cold, damp and dusty environment underground.
27 sellers shall not be held responsible for late delivery or nondelivery of the goods owing to generally recognized “Force Majeure” causes.
28 It might be partly owing to the studied austerity of her dress, and partly to the lack of demonstration in her manners.
29 Owing to the quickening pace of life, competition goes increasingly fierce in all walks of life, stimulating everyone to pursue one goal after another.
30 Owing to its rich deposit in oil, petroleum industry has become one of the most important industries of the province, with many oil fields and refineries.