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owing in a sentence

1. but owing to the war the question lapsed.

2. but started sixth owing to his penalty.

3. his bad owing to want of education;

4. This is owing to Mongolian cuisine.

5. Owing to jealousy of Mrs.

6. He left the government owing to ill health.

7. Porter, went bankrupt, owing Roberts &

8. Owing to continuing losses, Wrexham &

9. his pseudonym was a pun on "owing all".

10. Owing to the death of Bishop Asbury, Rev.

11. Co owing suppliers £150,000.

12. Owing to ill health, she gave up teaching.

13. Owing to the identity.

14. He withdrew in October owing to illness.

15. £482 was owing.

16. Owing to this surprise, Warner Bros.

17. Of these, owing to much sickness;

18. By 1921 he was in debt owing over $2,400.

19. He retired in 1949 owing to ill health.

20. Returned owing to engine trouble.

21. It was largely owing to Smt.

22. Owing to competition from the railroads;

23. But owing to family not to wait long.

24. She accepted, owing to his creativity.

25. Owing to the success of PBS's Barney &

26. Owing to Stanley Black &

27. Owing to competition from the railroads;

28. X-Press Feeders is owing nearly 100 ships.

29. The average amount owing was $800.

30. The company closed owing $34 million.