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No. sentence
1 are Bar-backed laughing thrush and Three-toed Crowtit in China, their duetting are overlapping type.
2 Harmonization is the method to ensure population overlap and comparable levels of generalization and aggregation by the removal of duplicate data or overlapping definitions.
3 Japanese electronic maker says the sale fits their strategy to restructure business overlapping with those of Sanyo Electric.
4 There may be mulltiple ways to view such complex environments, with some of these views indicating overlapping contents, while others might be disjunct and perhaps also orthogonal to other views.
5 Overlapping or redundant paths are candidates for removal from the planned test case execution library.
6 Elections for both Chambers are held every three years; typically only half of the Senate seats are put to each election, because senators have overlapping six-year terms.
7 Given that UDDI is a standard and not a product, its improper use can lead to the establishment of duplicate service registries and overlapping, unclear ownerships.
8 The outmost layer called the cuticle is composed of a series of overlapping visibly transparent platelets.
9 The people who run those shops, work in those shops have their daily lives and their work is overlapping, blended, like my green grocer down the street from here.
10 These are all purposely vague, and possibly overlapping depending on particular situations.
11 For example, waterfall, incremental, or iterative models can be created with the same overlapping method content.
12 While this is somewhat simpler than identifying a "word", the completely naive approach of looking at every (overlapping) sequence of three bytes is non-optimal.
13 The Luang Say, by contrast, is a replica slowboat with overlapping roofs, polished timber decks, rattan chairs and wooden benches, perfect for a spot of shade-bathing.
14 This will prevent overlapping distortion Windows from showing conflicting portions of video frames.
15 Additionally, distorting the frames correctly as they move toward the edge of the distortion portal is implemented as a multipass set of overlapping circles.
16 Also, overlapping evolutions does involve risk; if there are significant changes to the architecture or the requirements in later evolutions, then these may affect earlier evolutions.
17 influence of overlapping structure decomposition method based on inclusion principle on control properties of interconnected largescale systems was studied.
18 These systems were actually utilized by overlapping user groups, with some users ultimately required to sequentially access all three systems to gather the necessary information.
19 There are risks to be handled, and some definitions to be cleaned up, but if managed carefully, overlapping iterations can be a useful approach to organizing a project.
20 In my experience, there is a primary risk that drives project managers to consider overlapping iterations: the resource utilization risk.
21 Whatever name you use, overlapping iterations can be a useful project management technique as long as you limit its application.
22 There is a lot to see in this last detail: underneath the stripe, you can see where Mondrian carefully edged his brush up to the stripe, overlapping some horizontal marks he'd made freehand.
23 Requiem: in Paradisium is also unnecessarily experimental, with overlapping fuzz and tape effects diluting the sound; the looped drum track is also unimaginatively integrated.
24 What had been flourishing, overlapping, overflowing brown and auburn plates of corals were now ghostly, broken reminders of their former beauty.
25 cutbacks by GM and Chrysler are in city centres where many dealers offer overlapping products and services.
26 Drawing shows how liver tumors 2-3 cm in diameter are treated by six overlapping ablations.
27 Latent prints may exhibit only a small portion of the surface of the finger and may be smudged, distorted, overlapping, or any combination, depending on how they were deposited.
28 Actress Jennifer Garner has an overlapping pinky toe.
29 Overlapping evolutions: Expanding the macro dimension.
30 But they have their own difficulties; the hammers that hit the string have to be coaxed not to sound like percussion, and each overlapping tone has to sound clear.