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1 As shown in Figure 2, the second SOA overlaps the first SOA, as the overlapped area could contain Web services and non-Web services common to both SOAs.
2 That is, you divide up your processing into stages which can be overlapped during execution to maximize throughput.
3 If the ranges overlapped, then both links would be shown at the overlap points.
4 Then the researchers nudged this cloud of cold, compressed antiprotons so it overlapped with a like-size positron cloud, where the two particles mated to form antihydrogen.
5 This pa-per proposed a method which is partially overlapped local histogram equalization based on maximum entropy and brightness preserving(Local BPHEME).
6 The overlapped area is shown in yellow with black slant lines.
7 Under the second critical load, the regions, where the three criteria are satisfied, are overlapped each other and cleavage crack is nucleated and propagates.
8 Remember that only the remote processing that precedes the return of results can be overlapped.
9 But that was when the ideologies of the parties overlapped in the middle and made bipartisanship easier.
10 unclear image due to the overlapped skeletal images around the knee often influence the diagnosis of the tibial-attachment fracture of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments of the knee.
11 Then an iterative probability relaxation operation is applied in order to optimize the coarse segmentation. In the postprocessing step, overlapped cells were spilt.
12 module creates a fixed number of named pipes and USES overlapped operations to service simultaneous connections through a small pool of threads.
13 Then the paper formulates related notions of frequent sub tree, distinguishes embedded sub tree from direct sub tree, and defines isomorphic overlapped sub tree and minimum.
14 Two dimension distribution figure was drawn by principal component analysis, which revealed that the striped stem borers overlapped.
15 The above models are appropriate to overlapped or non-overlapped subarrays.
16 Any overlapped operations performed on the socket will use the completion port for notification.
17 Overlapped tag nesting is not allowed.
18 main challenge lies in managing resources by placing limits on the number of outstanding overlapped calls so that the non-paged pool is not exhausted.
19 A completion port is a queue into which the operating system puts notifications of completed overlapped I/O requests.
20 When this limit is reached, the overlapped operations will fail with the WSAENOBUFS error.
21 Such an application must, however, take great care to ensure that it posts multiple overlapped sends, instead of waiting for one overlapped send to complete before posting another.
22 Note that the OVERLAPPED field within the extended structure does not necessarily have to be the first field.
23 The voices from sessions scheduled in adjacent virtual Spaces overlapped - reminiscent of thin hotel walls.
24 Developing a scalable Winsock server is not terribly difficult. It's a matter of setting up a listening socket, accepting connections, and making overlapped send and receive calls.
25 Its primary motivation is to reduce the elapsed time of federated queries by enabling overlapped processing of remote queries that provide data to n-ary operators.
26 If the pointer for an overlapped operation is set to NULL, DeviceIoControl will work in a blocked (synchronous) way.
27 Since woolly and Columbian ranges periodically overlapped in time and space, it's likely that they engaged in similar behaviour and left a similar genetic signal, " Enk said.
28 With every overlapped send or receive operation, it is possible that the data buffer submitted will be locked.
29 For example, Opera and Firefox may display a small portion of the overlapped layers, which Internet Explorer does not display.
30 Both planets are thought to have overlapped in the night sky making them indistinguishable to the naked eye on June 17, 2 B.C..