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No. sentence
1 This report shows quantifiably where the existing systems have overlap and to what extent in each direction.
2 might be helpful to have certain dialogues fade in and out or to overlap sounds with dialogue.
3 In fact, the programs for all of these disciplines overlap significantly: all teach students to program in at least one language; all teach techniques for problem analysis and system design.
4 This means that there should not be any unnecessary overlap or gaps in the test coverage.
5 One of the most bizarre is the "many worlds" hypothesis, which states that the cat is both alive and dead, and that both cats exist in different universes that will never overlap with one another.
6 Overlap sheets of newspaper by about one third of their length and roll them into a tube.
7 I will also lump administration and monitoring tools together in this discussion because, at least for the administrators, the two functions have a lot of overlap.
8 Dates and quantities are likely to overlap but may not have a relationship.
9 Try not to overlap the wires.
10 For planted forests, although there is some overlap, the range of biotechnologies used is generally quite different from that used for naturally regenerated forests.
11 However, if you stagger and overlap multiple evolutions, then you can effectively manipulate the phases.
12 This means that the Settings for frequency and duration should ensure there is no overlap between a cleaning procedure's finish time with another one's start time.
13 Harmonization is the method to ensure population overlap and comparable levels of generalization and aggregation by the removal of duplicate data or overlapping definitions.
14 It wants to recognise that many conditions, such as anxiety and depression, tend to overlap, so that a diagnosis of only one or the other does not always make sense.
15 But there is much overlap among the three areas of inquiry.
16 that's why, frankly, I didn't emphasize it in this piece, because I didn't want to overlap from the previous piece.
17 While you cannot plan for every disaster, many of the recovery procedures overlap.
18 SORTKEYS also enables overlap between the loading and the sorting, since the sort is running as a separate task.
19 This makes administration of the clusters much easier and more reliable when clusters overlap, but it does restrict cluster and queue manager name lengths.
20 The transaction is an important step in reducing overlap in Germany's chronically unprofitable retail-banking industry.
21 The snag with this arithmetic is that it ignores the fact that many CDS contracts overlap or offset one another.
22 Then along comes SCA with what some perceive as overlap in the JBI + JEE space and many people are already nailing the coffin shut on JBI.
23 But they do not always overlap.
24 While there is some overlap, the activities each participant engages in are different.
25 The hippocampus makes a mental map of a memory, and if you have a similar one, they can overlap, link together or block each other out.
26 It so large at 182 degrees that both eyes together offer all round vision and even overlap at the front, creating an effect like binoculars.
27 In either case, the technique used is to overlap profiles to establish first a default policy of allow-all, and then to override specific queues with tighter restrictions.
28 There is often some overlap with the Conclusions, but that's okay.
29 Note: It is generally recommended that if both an online and offline window are provided, they do not overlap.
30 As tools evolve and new tools appear, there is bound to be an overlap in function, all in the name of maximizing innovation and to encourage contributions from many interested tool writers.