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1 Sensory abnormalities are found in over 90% of those with autism, and are considered core features by some, although there is no good evidence that sensory symptoms differentiate autism from other developmental disorders.
2 Summers in Alabama are among the hottest in the U.S., with high temperatures averaging over 90 °F (32 °C) throughout the summer in some parts of the state.
3 Oil makes up over 90% of Angola's exports.
4 The country formally adopted the Christian faith in 301 A.D. Over 90% of Armenians belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church.
5 Disruption in the trade of tin for bronze from Western Europe may have contributed to the increasing popularity of brass in the east and by the 6th–7th centuries AD over 90% of copper alloy artefacts from Egypt were made of brass.
6 As a result, over 90% of the deeper Black Sea volume is anoxic water.
7 Over 90% of Brunei's total population lives in 15 of the 38 mukims: Brunei has numerous courts in its judicial branch.
8 Over 90% of the population who indicated a religious affiliation at the 2010 Census were Christian with the largest individual Christian denominations being Methodist (18.1%), Anglican (9.8%), Church of God (10.6%) and Roman Catholic (9.1%).
9 4G technologies were introduced in April 2013 and presently are available in over 90% of the country.
10 The Brussels-Capital Region is officially bilingual in French and Dutch, even though French is now the lingua franca with over 90% of the inhabitants being able to speak it. Brussels is also increasingly becoming multilingual.
11 It had the unintended result of drastically increasing the percentage of those leaving through West Berlin from 60% to well over 90% by the end of 1958.
12 A senior Pakistani official stated that over 90% of terrorist attacks in Pakistan are traced back to Afghan elements and that their presence in the country was "an important issue for Pakistan" and "a problem for Afghanistan".
13 In a 1967 referendum over 90% of the Australian population voted to end constitutional discrimination and to include Aborigines in the national census.
14 Over 90% of a mix's final strength is typically reached within four weeks, with the remaining 10% achieved over years or even decades.
15 In 2014, before making a diplomatic visit to Cuba, Russian President Vladimir Putin forgave over 90% of debt owed to it by Cuba.
16 The Superfast Cornwall project completed in 2015, and saw 95% of Cornish houses and businesses connected to a fibre-based broadband network, with over 90% of properties able to connect with speeds above 24 Mbit/s. The county's newest industry is aviation: Newquay Airport is the only national and international airport west of Exeter, and is the home of a growing business park with Enterprise Zone status, known as Aerohub.
17 Over 90% of this amount was exported, making Colombia the world's sixth largest coal exporter, behind Australia, China, Indonesia, South Africa and Russia.
18 Over 90% of the collagen in the human body is type I collagen.
19 Sardinian-like Neolithic farmers did populate Britain (and all of Northern Europe) during the Neolithic period, however, recent genetics research has claimed that, between 2400BC and 2000BC, over 90% of British DNA was overturned by a North European population of ultimate Russian Steppe origin as part of an ongoing migration process that brought large amounts of Steppe DNA (including the R1b haplogroup) to North and West Europe.
20 22 municipalities have indigenous populations over 90%, and 36 municipalities have native populations exceeding 50%. However, despite population growth in indigenous villages, the percentage of indigenous to non indigenous continues to fall with less than 35% indigenous.
21 It made the southern states of Mexico poorer in comparison to those in the north, with over 90% of the poorest municipalities in the south of the country.
22 Since the new company represented over 90% of the market, it would have been illegal (cf. antitrust) had attorney John Quarles not found an exemption for agricultural cooperatives.
23 In the U.S., chiropractors perform over 90% of all manipulative treatments.
24 The lake has shrunk by over 90% since the 1987, displacing millions of inhabitants.
25 I simply asked the witness, Dr. Todd Stern, who is a supporter of a global climate treaty that would dramatically hurt the standard of living for millions of human beings, if he was considering a policy that would address naturally emitted carbon dioxide, which makes up over 90% of emissions.
26 Estonia is nearly energy-independent, supplying over 90% of its electricity needs with locally mined oil shale.
27 Road transport is the one that prevails in the passenger sector, accounting for over 90% of all transported passengers.
28 A well-designed motor can convert over 90% of its input energy into useful power for decades.
29 The worst event, the Permian–Triassic extinction, devastated life on earth, killing over 90% of species.
30 Eurostar's punctuality has fluctuated from year to year, but usually remains over 90%; in the first quarter of 1999, 89% of services operated were on time, and in the second quarter it reached 92%. Eurostar's best punctuality record was 97.35%, between 16 and 22 August 2004.