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1 Sensory abnormalities are found in over 90% of those with autism, and are considered core features by some, although there is no good evidence that sensory symptoms differentiate autism from other developmental disorders.
2 Summers in Alabama are among the hottest in the U.S., with high temperatures averaging over 90 °F (32 °C) throughout the summer in some parts of the state.
3 In 2009, Ecuador was deploying over 90 peacekeepers around the globe.
4 Trained in stage acting, which he enjoyed doing most, he became "one of the greatest 'character actors' ever to appear on stage and screen", with over 90 film credits.
5 Despite the fact that he eventually acted in over 90 films and almost as many television dramas, he continued to accept stage parts throughout his career, often with Jackson.
6 Kazan later explained his reasoning: What is erotic about sex to me is the seduction, not the act ... The scene on the swing with Eli Wallach and Carroll Baker in Baby Doll is my exact idea of what eroticism in films should be. Wallach went on to a prolific career as "one of the greatest 'character actors' ever to appear on stage and screen," notes Turner Classic Movies, acting in over 90 films.
7 HCA offers over 90 programs for ages 3–93, creating a "united nations" of arts under one roof.
8 While the fastest times are generally achieved by rowers between 20 and 40 years old, teenagers and rowers over 90 are common at competitions.
9 He also created cover illustrations for DAW, Signet, Ballantine Books, Avon, all 58 Laser Books (which are now collectors' items), and over 90 covers for Ace books alone.
10 The army killed over 90 protesters in the ensuing military crackdown.
11 The University of California Davis Graduate Programs of Study consist of over 90 post-graduate programs, offering masters and doctoral degrees and post-doctoral courses.
12 From 1934 to 1946, Moe, Larry and Curly produced over 90 short films for Columbia.
13 Over 90 books from Burgess' library can also be found in the Ransom Center's holdings.
14 It is located in Dooradoyle about 3 km south of the city centre, and has over 90 shopping outlets along with restaurants and a 12-screen Omniplex Cinema.
15 Total holdings as of 2005 were over 64,000 volumes with over 90 periodical subscriptions.
16 Wakeman's discography includes over 90 solo albums that range from several musical styles.
17 The Aboriginal occupation of Queensland is thought to predate 50,000 BC, likely via boat or land bridge across Torres Strait, and became divided into over 90 different language groups.
18 A study of Swedish patients in 2007-2015 with ECG monitors found 40% survived at least 30 days after CPR at ages 70–79, 29% at ages 80–89, and 27% above age 90. An earlier study of Medicare patients in hospitals 1992-2005, where overall survival was 18%, found 13% survival in the poorest neighborhoods, 12% survival over age 90, 15% survival among ages 85–89, and 17% survival among ages 80–84. Swedish patients over 90 had 15% survival to hospital discharge, 80-80 had 20%, and 70-79 had 28%. A study of King County WA patients who had CPR outside hospitals in 1999-2003, where 34% survived to hospital discharge overall, found that among patients with 4 or more major medical conditions, 18% survived;
19 Australia has diplomatic representatives in over 90 locations.
20 Algeria has diplomatic relations with more than 100 foreign countries, and over 90 countries maintain diplomatic representation in Algiers.
21 With over 90 stores, the centre includes Wellington's first Kmart Department store which opened in 1992.
22 As of 2007, over 90 destinations are available worldwide.
23 Dating to 164-135 CE and consisting of over 90 items, the Aufaniae inscriptions are primarily limited in distribution to the Lower Rhine region in what is today Germany, but a few inscriptions have been found elsewhere: One in Cordoba, Spain, and another in Lyon, France.
24 De La Salle College, a secondary school with 1,200 students and over 90 staff, is the biggest all-boys school in the county.
25 The FAL has been used by over 90 countries, and some seven million have been produced.
26 Eudora has an average of 78.2 days with highs over 90°F (32°C) and 42.5 days of freezing lows, making it the warmest populated area in Arkansas.
27 During the summer months, it is common for the temperature to reach over 90 °F (32 °C).
28 They perform a summer concert series in Naperville's Central Park, as well as several other concerts around the city, and are made up of over 90 volunteer musicians.
29 An overwhelming majority of Howell County residents chose to flee, and over 90% of the population had fled by the time the war was over.
30 On average, there are 41 days with highs over 90 °F (32 °C), three with highs over 100 °F (38 °C), 13 days where the temperature does not rise above freezing, and 2 nights of sub-0 °F (−18 °C) lows.