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1 In the 2013 season, Alabama averaged over 100,000 fans per game and Auburn averaged over 80,000 fans, both numbers among the top 20 in the nation.
2 Approximately 681,000 people with over 100,000 of them women went to the front, while the total population of Azerbaijan was 3.4 million at the time.
3 Other larger and important cities within the Alps with over 100,000 inhabitants are in Tyrol with Bolzano (Italy), Trento (Italy) and Innsbruck (Austria).
4 Cities with over 100,000 inhabitants in the Alps are: The population of the region is 14 million spread across eight countries.
5 Intermittent large scale massacres (such as that of 6,000 Jews in Fez in 1033, over 100,000 Jews in Fez and Marrakesh in 1146 and again in Marrakesh in 1232) were accompanied by systematic discrimination through the years.
6 Indirect taxes included a 4% tax on the price of slaves, a 1% tax on goods sold at auction, and a 5% tax on the inheritance of estates valued at over 100,000 sesterces by persons other than the next of kin.
7 Against this, Jean-Claude Pressac estimated that up to 10,000 people had been killed in Auschwitz I. The last inmates gassed there, in December 1942, were around 400 members of the Auschwitz II Sonderkommando, who had been forced to dig up and burn the remains of that camp's mass graves, thought to hold over 100,000 corpses.
8 Jacob Baradaeus, who was ordained as Bishop of Edessa in about 543, set about ordaining bishops and priests throughout the Syriac-speaking areas of West Asia to such an extent that he was even claimed to have ordained over 100,000 clergy and nearly 30 bishops.
9 By the end of 1980 Apple had already sold over 100,000 Apple IIs.
10 Large numbers of Arabs migrated to West Africa, particularly Côte d'Ivoire (home to over 100,000 Lebanese), Senegal (roughly 30,000 Lebanese), Sierra Leone (roughly 10,000 Lebanese today;
11 Wine Faire takes place the last weekend of every July and attracts over 100,000 visitors.
12 In 2017, AFRD responded to over 100,000 calls for service over a coverage area of 135.7 square miles (351.5 square kilometres).
13 The Brussels Capital Region has 1,208,542 inhabitants (10.6% of Belgium) in the 19 municipalities, three of which have over 100,000 residents.
14 During this period, over 100,000 people attempted to escape, and over 5,000 people succeeded in escaping over the Wall, with an estimated death toll ranging from 136 to more than 200 in and around Berlin.
15 The British Museum houses the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of Egyptian antiquities (with over 100,000 pieces) outside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
16 Key highlights of the collections include: Predynastic and Early Dynastic period (c. 6000 BC – c. 2690 BC) Old Kingdom (2690–2181 BC) Middle Kingdom (2134–1690 BC) New Kingdom (1549–1069 BC) Third Intermediate Period (1069–664 BC) Late Period (664–332 BC) Ptolemaic dynasty (305–30 BC) Roman Period (30 BC-641 AD) Room 64 - Egyptian grave containing a Gebelein predynastic mummy, late predynastic, 3400 BC. Room 4 – Three black granite statues of the pharaoh Senusret III, c. 1850 BC. Room 4 – Three black granite statues of the goddess Sakhmet, c. 1400 BC. Room 4 – Colossal statue of Amenhotep III, c. 1370 BC. Great Court – Colossal quartzite statue of Amenhotep III, c. 1350 BC. Room 4 - Limestone statue of a husband and wife, 1300-1250 BC. Room 63 - Gilded outer coffins from the tomb of Henutmehyt, Thebes, Egypt, 19th Dynasty, 1250 BC. Book of the Dead of Hunefer, sheet 5, 19th Dynasty, 1250 BC. Room 4 - Ancient Egyptian bronze statue of a cat from the Late Period, about 664–332 BC. Room 4 - Green siltstone head of a Pharaoh, 26th-30th Dynasty, 600-340 BC. Great Court - Black siltstone obelisk of King Nectanebo II of Egypt, Thirtieth dynasty, about 350 BC. Room 62 - Detail from the mummy case of Artemidorus the Younger, a Greek who had settled in Thebes, Egypt, during Roman times, 100-200 AD. The British Museum has one of the world's largest and most comprehensive collections of antiquities from the Classical world, with over 100,000 objects.
17 Okinawa Prefecture's estimate is over 100,000 losses, During the battle, American forces found it difficult to distinguish civilians from soldiers.
18 There are roughly 13,000 compounds used in China and over 100,000 TCM recipes recorded in the ancient literature.
19 However, an estimated crowd of over 100,000 attended a friendly match against Soviet team Dynamo Moscow on 13 November 1945.
20 According to TFI "over 100,000 received God's gift of salvation through Jesus, and some chose to live the life of a disciple and missionary" as a result of Flirty Fishing.
21 While not accepted by the medical and scientific establishment, in the first two years of its publication, over 100,000 copies of the book were sold.
22 more than half of the resettled colonists died of starvation or disease, over 100,000 cattle were abandoned, and many slaves escaped.
23 Over 100,000 people visited the exhibition during its four-month run.
24 The single sold over 100,000 copies.
25 It automatically clarified the status of over 100,000 now-former slaves.
26 The largest library in Oregon is the University of Oregon's Knight Library, with collections totaling more than 3 million volumes and over 100,000 audio and video items.
27 Other cities with population over 100,000 are Turku, Oulu, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, and Lahti.
28 During this period, the Japanese population grew to over 100,000 throughout Micronesia, while the indigenous population was about 40,000.
29 False rumours of an impending Irish army attack on London circulated in the capital, and a mob of over 100,000 assembled ready to defend the city.
30 Now, over 100,000 western lowland gorillas are thought to exist in the wild, with 4,000 in zoos, thanks to conservation;