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No. sentence
1 Romans took over from the Greeks not only their philosophy but their arts.
2 ability she towers over all the others in her class.
3 The slops she threw down sprinkled me all over.
4 To answer the first two it is necessary to peel away layers accumulated over 510 years since a band of Portuguese explorers landed in what is now Bahia state.
5 He clopped over to the reception counter in his large leather boots.
6 A pair of large stone lions preside massively over the approach to the Summer Palace.
7 Storage will be charged on each piece of baggage remaining at stations over 24 hours.
8 My wife interrogated me where I stayed over last night.
9 It is the matter they are wrangling over.
10 As he clambered over the railings he grinned at Manuel.
11 sleeping child was covered over by the careful mother.
12 you add up the money at the bottom of the page, carry the total over onto the next page.
13 Get onto my shoulders and have a look over the fence.
14 wind arched the trees over the road.
15 Is there any use in paring down thinking? I've found myself doing this over time, in many areas.
16 U.S. commuters and companies began sharply paring fuel purchases this year as pump prices soared to over $4.10 a gallon nationwide by July.
17 He sat there mulling over what he should say.
18 He suspected that man must be well over fifties.
19 you ever talk it over with him?
20 Of course, they should have control over the process.
21 The committee have thought carefully over this plan.
22 He risked his health and his reputation to advance the idea that we are not over nature but a part of it.
23 The children always fight each other over who should have the best seat.
24 Your spending should not go over your income.
25 You should throw over your lifestyle.
26 If you notice, we went deeper and deeper into the problem, using the same method over and over until we reached something that was new, an "endpoint".
27 Since that time, racing drivers have reached speeds over 600 miles an hour.
28 If it does that then you gave it the BPEL file in the samples instead of ours and you need to start over.
29 You must ink over your signature. Pencil writing is not allowed.
30 The doctor turned the patient over and looked at his back.