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No. sentence
1 must be eaten inside one house; take none of the meat outside the house.
2 If you install an outside TV antenna, you will have better reception.
3 depositors had formed outside BEA's head office to withdraw their money as rumors swirled of the bank's potential exposure to other failed financial firms.
4 It no longer enjoys the heady atmosphere of liberty that swirled outside its opera house in 1830, intoxicating the demonstrators whose protests set the Belgians on the road to independence.
5 Basically, it refers to an infrastructure where both the data storage and the data processing happen outside of the mobile device.
6 This is the outside perimeter, not the security perimeter.
7 Yet, up to this day, (outside powers) have not contributed significantly to the establishment of (stability) and security, as well as economic and political development of the region.
8 A loud roar erupted outside my apartment window.Across the city, jubilant fans poured into the streets to celebrate the victory.
9 The first hired an outside consulting firm, at some expense, to assess the efficiency of their development process.
10 But he says pressure for broad reform on the next Cuban leader, from inside Cuba and outside, will grow.
11 Your plan worked only while your daughter had no access to outside sources of funding.
12 They initially tried to get outside funding for the project, but were rejected.
13 They managed to get some outside funding - either from venture capital or over-inflated stock prices - and they spent like there was no tomorrow.
14 People tend to make more extraneous purchases when they shop outside their own communities, says Indiana University professor Ruth Engs, who studies shopping addiction.
15 National policies should not be determined by outside influence.
16 Anything that we do must come from the inside, it is not that there are any blocks outside of you that are preventing you from being as successful. The blocks are within yourself.
17 I felt a great emptiness inside, as if I had been searching for some glimpse, not outside but within myself, and had discovered that there was nothing to be found.
18 Moreover, Hamas senses separate supply lines are an attempt to build alternative patronage networks and an economy outside its control.
19 That means that money from REDD programmes need to go to people that not only live within the forests, but also the farmers living outside them.
20 Outside the euro zone-in Britain, and in the Baltic republics, for instance-politicians have implemented reforms and austerity programmes with admirable speed.
21 Why do I measure the length inside instead of outside?
22 The craft's readings did show the moon's wake, but they also revealed several unexpected dips in particle detections just outside the moon's diameter.
23 Outside, the drizzle descends.
24 We oppose interference by any outside force.
25 You have your own treasure house. Why do you search outside"?
26 The code snippet below shows how to run config service in a standalone JVM outside of the server.
27 Config service can run either inside a server, or outside the server in a standalone JVM.
28 Config service can also run in a standalone JVM outside of the server (Figure 2).
29 In the two-tier model, the queue manager must know about the identities of all the connected users and devices, and deal with the fact that they are frequently located outside the firewall.
30 Then, his dad comes outside.