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other means in a sentence

1. and by many other means.

2. Peace is not the pursuit of war by other means.

3. Rather, land use is regulated by other means.

4. the other means the best of kings.

5. Other means are also used to garner prey.

6. Other means are in effect such as waxing.

7. or any other means of distance education.

8. He chose to pursue other means of study.

9. Vollenhoven was forced to seek other means.

10. The rest use other means of transportation;

11. in desperation, they then turned to other means.

12. It may be visualized using other means as well.

13. The others were killed by various other means.

14. He eventually died by other means.

15. also preserved by other means.

16. Aerospace trade journal and other means.

17. Six Jews were deported by other means.

18. Through Mediation council or by any other means;

19. Two other means are traces and copies.

20. And also other means, including aircraft.

21. Other means of landing supplies were developed.

22. Bats also communicate by other means.

23. Apparently, Tom found out through other means.

24. The Association sold coins through other means.

25. Foote returned to Guilford by other means.

26. And there are no other means.

27. Instead it is prepared by other means.

28. 4) Other means of investments were used.

29. Rigging stock prices by any other means.

30. Defrauding loans by any other means.