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other frogs in a sentence

1. A few of the larger ones may eat other frogs, small mammals, and fish.

2. Unlike the tongues of other frogs, it is not used to catch prey.

3. Compared to other frogs, N. sahyadrensis has a small head and an unusual pointed snout.

4. As in other frogs, an aggressive call is made when densities are high.

5. The hind legs are short relative to other frogs' legs and the hind feet have long, unwebbed toes.

6. The other frogs laughingly dismiss Robin's story as a fairy tale.

7. Due to its poison, most mammals, birds, snakes and other frogs will leave the pickerel frog alone.

8. The frog eats other frogs, lizards, and mice.

9. All the other frogs of the genus Mixophyes breed only in streams.

10. without such, young tadpoles become susceptible to predation by arthropods and other frogs.

11. Growling grass frogs reportedly hunt other frogs by zoning into the sound of their calls.

12. The Columbia spotted frog, like most other frogs, is fairly aquatic.

13. They are, in turn, preyed upon by a number of species, including birds, fish, and other frogs.

14. They typically feed on spiders, small rodents, lizards and other frogs.

15. Other frogs of North Carolina include spring peepers, Pseudacris crucifer or Hyla crucifer.

16. The coquí frog has increased competition with native birds, and other frogs.

17. It has been known to chorus with other frogs of the same and similar species.

18. The colouration might be aposematic as the skin contains toxins that can kill other frogs.

19. Reproduction The emerald green frog, like most other frogs, are oviparous and polygynandrous.

20. Assuming that it is similar to other frogs in its genus, the eggs are laid in a nest near water.

21. Hemiphractus proboscideus is a predatory species that eats other frogs.

22. They feed on other frogs, insects, and snails.

23. In experiments, Megaelosia goeldii have consumed other frogs.

24. Unlike other frogs Breviceps males have very short limbs relative to their body size.

25. Like other frogs, this frog feeds on worms and insects, such as locust.

26. Unlike other frogs the webbing on their toes does not reach the longest toe.

27. They eat flies, crickets, fish, small snakes, crayfish, tadpoles, and other frogs.

28. The species have also been known to eat other frogs.

29. All his life, Ribbit has felt different from all the other frogs.

30. "Slender frog" may also refer to one of several other frogs: