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other characteristics in a sentence

1. (2) no trade-off with other characteristics or traits;

2. These structural differences created other characteristics.

3. as well as any other characteristics of the weapon;

4. The Mudi standard indicates other characteristics of the breed.

5. The other characteristics do not differentiate between sexes.

6. Smith mythical figures share other characteristics in common.

7. Lecture XIX. Other Characteristics.

8. Other characteristics of it have been reviewed;

9. Babirusa also vary by species in other characteristics.

10. Other characteristics of this branch are similar to class Scout.

11. Other characteristics include common culture and ethnicity.

12. Lebanon also presents other characteristics of confessionalism.

13. Other characteristics include:

14. Several other characteristics were added by that time.

15. The works feature other characteristics of the stile moderno.

16. Other characteristics like knowledge are not attributed to God;

17. No sexual dimorphism exists in size or in other characteristics.

18. Other characteristics include:

19. There are also ghosts with other characteristics.

20. All other characteristics remained the same.

21. The lists are organized by medium and other characteristics.

22. A number of other characteristics bind the triptychs.

23. the name of a product should match its other characteristics.

24. The other characteristics of the orbit are disputed.

25. Other characteristics include:

26. Other characteristics such as moisture content of the feed;

27. non-protruding vulval lips, as well as other characteristics.

28. as well as protruding vulval lips, among other characteristics.

29. Speed was increased, but other characteristics suffered.

30. it shares a number of other characteristics with Heterokrohniidae.