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1 We do not differentiate between our workers on the basis of their background or ethnic origin.
2 It tells you not only the requirements' origin, but also why decisions were made and who made them.
3 The Mesozoic rapid tectonic subsidence and wedge shaped sedimentary bodies indicate the origin of lithospheric flexure in the Chuxiong Basin.
4 Supporters of the knuckle-walking origin think we and African apes evolved from a common knuckle walking ancestor.
5 Because this integer point may not be as far from the origin as the relaxed solution point.
6 Money Laundering" is the introduction of illegally gained assets into the legal financial system with the aim of concealing or disguising their true origin.
7 These rogue Internet pharmacies are operated internationally, they have no registered business address and sell products that have an unknown or unclear origin.
8 origin of western theatre goes back into the mists of time but seems to have begun to take recognizable shape about 2600 years ago in greece-and wine was a key ingredient.
9 Wooden legs are perhaps the most interesting of these prosthetics, for their origin in myth is more obscure than their true history.
10 speaks of two types of loom that leave the worker's arms free: the draw loom, which is of Eurasian origin, and the pedal loom which is attributed to East Asian origins.
11 What is the distance to the origin?
12 Only direct flights are offered, so the flight chosen is checked to see if the origin and destination direct flight is available.
13 The origin of the corrosive culture was clear. The President of the hospital, a former surgeon, was well known for his explosive temper and his abusive behavior with both doctors and nurses.
14 Including recidivism and the accomplice, deep origin has this explanation.
15 Then, an old man who sweeped the ground walked there. Out of curiosity, he asked the old man the origin of the grave.
16 it issued a stinging two - page statement tearing into the Jesus Seminar for discarding anything in the Gospels that it considered Hebraic in origin.
17 around the scent, these cats would repeatedly sniff the source of the smell, lingering around its origin.
18 very well be that Jesus was simpler than I imagine him, that he had fewer doubts and fewer regrets, for he doubted his divine origin only at his death.
19 No single hypothesis for the origin of the red Wolf is universally accepted by scientists.
20 dissects the distorted origin of accounting information from economics theory.
21 Playing mahjong and desire not to do and all innings, especially lose nasty anxious to already turn over origin, should according to the different brand of hand type, flexible.
22 Some are of mixed ethnic origin and are descended from Turks, Iranians, Malays, and others, most of whom immigrated as pilgrims and reside in the Hijaz region along the Red Sea coast.
23 In on the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin used vestigial organs as evidence for evolution, and their presence has helped define and shape our phylogenetic trees.
24 But are they; in fact, our attempts at finding answers to questions about our origin and destiny, and discover our role in the big picture of creation?
25 This was the origin of all our troubles.
26 Origin and priority are almost always useful, but you should define others that are suited to your project.
27 One in 10 of its inhabitants is of Arab or African origin.
28 In foods of animal origin, postmortem activity of enzymes must be considered when carbohydrate composition data is obtained.
29 origin of this phrase is, undoubtedly, from hunting, and more specifically from the hunting of boars.
30 The education should be given to children such as the preciousness, origin and belonging of life, the improvement of life quality and value, the ability to survive and social sense of responsibility.