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No. sentence
1 They will organize a Bridge Club.
2 Do you have any ideas or tips on how to organize magazines?
3 Do you clean and organize?
4 For example, she was the only one to organize an event promoting popular science in her community.
5 We organize in our cities and towns.
6 It was unmistakable: Baker's face is surrounded by an umbra of curls that organize themselves into unpredictable spirals-not unlike the complex protein molecules he studies.
7 It goes to how do we help them organize?
8 Akbari and Rosenfeld said they will mount an effort to persuade the United Nations to organize major cities to alter their roofing and pavement.
9 He came up to me, welcomed me to the school and offered to organize a basketball game.
10 to design a schema that prevents as many errors as possible, you need to organize the vocabulary around the error checking, sometimes using advanced features such as inheritance.
11 My last two columns discussed why and how we use dimensional modeling to organize the data in a data warehouse.
12 My last column discussed why and how we use dimensional modeling to organize the data in a data warehouse.
13 All of this has helped me to organize many of my thoughts about how to approach the day with my kids.
14 He had, in fact, planned to organize an army of slaves to fight for their freedom. He acted in the belief that slaves throughout the south would rise up against their owners and join him.
15 This research tool will help you collect, organize and appropriately cite any sources you find over the Web.
16 There are apps that make and organize grocery lists, convert units of measurement, scale recipes up and down, and manage multiple kitchen timers.
17 You can organize them as you move them, or you can do that later.
18 Of course, the build management tool needs to be able to aggregate and organize audit data from whatever development tools you have, even if they come from different vendors.
19 Organize all the information you have gathered according to your outline.
20 Experienced speakers use a variety of techniques to help them quickly organize what they plan to say.
21 Go through and organize your papers, files and folders and throw away any unnecessary paperwork and correspondence.
22 If you have extra money, helping organize a fund for a pet cause helps bring the community together.
23 Organize files by dates.
24 Once we see things that are of interest, then we need to isolate parts of the scene, and organize the important visual elements within our viewfinder to effectively convey how we feel about them.
25 A painter can position the elements where they want, whereas a photographer must search, find and organize visual elements within the camera viewfinder.
26 The way you organize the content of your models and the way you structure the storage of your models can be two of the biggest determinants of success for a modeling practice.
27 You would organize the items, display them, and be there throughout the sale to collect money.
28 The problem with this approach is that some users see such examination as an intrusion, and others feel that how they organize and archive their e-mail is up to them.
29 The real world is messy," he said. "Mostly what it takes to get a product to market is the ability to organize your work, collaborate, and persevere."
30 someone to realize the value of information, you need to organize data to permit rapid discovery and utilization.