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1 exiles have yet to cohere enough to pose an organised alternative to Mr Assad’s rule, and so help prod international opinion towards helping them to speed its demise.
2 The year will be packed with attendances at fund-raising events organised by the City livery companies, and more than 600 speeches on subjects from financial matters to charity and patronage.
3 It also has a history of targeting foreign business in India, as in 1994, when it organised a nationwide boycott of multinational consumer goods, including Pepsi and Coca Cola.
4 Mexico is in its fifth year of a ramped-up war against organised crime, which has caused violence to flare in states that find themselves on the drug route to the United States.
5 Anyone suspected of violent or organised crime, or abuse of power, can under a new law be held for five days without charge, and prosecutors can choose which court should hear their cases.
6 Ever wished you could be more organised with your pantry and shopping?
7 Fighters described how they have been organised into brigades sanctioned by the Transitional Nation Council.
8 might venture down to the 24 Heures of le Mans or Italy's Mille Miglia, where the continentals were better organised.
9 in Singapore, they responded really quickly, they organised these events - the charity gala and the football match in a very short time, which is really great and very meaningful.
10 Washington called gambling "the child of avarice, the brother of iniquity and the father of mischief", but Benjamin Franklin organised a lottery in Philadelphia in 1746.
11 Timewave zero" is a numerological formula that purports to calculate the ebb and flow of "novelty", defined as increase in the universe's interconnectedness, or organised complexity, over time.
12 They have organised conferences in their countries to influence science policy.
13 perhaps no surprise to find that organised workers in positions of privilege, including many in the public sector, fight the hardest and squeal the most in defence of their benefits.
14 size of the global art market is also attractive to organised gangs - and stolen items can be moved around the world "with a low risk of detection", a spokesman for the service said.
15 When you shed this, you become at one with the intuitive laws through which all things alive are organised.
16 company that has figured out how to be organised is Apple.
17 Several firms have organised "family weeks" during which employees must get permission to work past 7pm, but most continue to squeeze every last drop of productivity from their staff.
18 Robust economic growth, a fast-expanding middle class and mushrooming malls all help organised retail to boom.
19 have here is an organised illegal system", says Roberto Cenni, a local businessman and the city's first rightwing mayor since the second world war.
20 Cowed by months of officially organised violence and intimidation, many habitual opposition demonstrators stayed at home. Those who did venture out faced a daunting paramilitary presence.
21 In America, the Federal Reserve stretched its powers to the limit when it organised the rescue of Bear Stearns.
22 They are mostly spirited but untrained youths but they have now apparently been stiffened by "commando" units of military veterans organised by colonels who defected from the army.
23 I could see in their eyes how excited they were, how my software fitted with their ideas about making organised information generally available, ” he recalls.
24 Ship owners who pay ransoms that are reimbursed by insurance groups are not obliged to file a suspicious activity report with the Serious and Organised Crime Agency.
25 Repositories can be organised as a place to share and exchange resources, meaning that people are either users or producers, or they can promote the collaborative production of common resources.
26 In s? O Paulo state, in Brazil, teachers have organised huge marches against government attempts to link promotion to performance and to reduce the number of days they can take off without notice.
27 street marches organised by trade unions, NGOs and other pressure-groups have been violently dispersed over the past few months, and their leaders have been routinely arrested and beaten up.
28 Since the unrest began on January 25th, with nationwide protest marches organised by Facebook activists, Mr Mubarak's regime had struggled to parry the growing movement by offering concessions.
29 In São Paulo state, in Brazil, teachers have organised huge marches against government attempts to link promotion to performance and to reduce the number of days they can take off without notice.
30 The government invited the United Nations to establish a unit of foreign prosecutors to fight the infiltration of Guatemala’s institutions by corruption and organised crime.