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1 He cited examples from a number of organisations of how a focus on customer delight results in fierce customer loyalty and increased profit.
2 worry is that unsavoury organisations are coming into the country to take advantage of the Cham revival.
3 Indeed, some media owners concede that the market has already stripped profit from their news organisations and they are simply looking for a way out.
4 Not every farmer and processor will become an agribusiness specialist but their organisations can help them to cope with the new market place.
5 Other environmental organisations see a splash of greenwash.
6 These organisations exert great influence in public life. But we have no means of discovering on whose behalf they do it.
7 In this way, we also support the work of other journalism organisations, for they can view and use the original documents freely as well.
8 Regardless of how you look at it, the reality for most organisations is a mixture of software development products.
9 welcome, therefore, to describe your idea on this website and it will be routed to those UN organisations responding to the crisis.
10 It had a strong set of community organisations, because of its church structure, and something like the rule of law.
11 UN organisations undertake a wide variety of partnerships in which they utilise businesses' core competencies, intellectual capital and proficiency of services.
12 A few grassroots organisations are trying to impart such knowledge, but their efforts remain largely unrecognised – or worse, are seen as inaccessible.
13 critics are right to argue that global organisations should be more focused than they are, but wrong to assume they can be dispensed with altogether.
14 cancer charities and research organisations reacted to the conclusions?
15 I would like us to have a greater say in organisations that purport to speak on our behalf.
16 The foundation and sister organisations commissioned research that would help shape entire professions.
17 We are all successful media organisations with vast experience of reaching massive Numbers of readers, listeners and viewers.
18 EU membership was at first held up for technical reasons, because one condition was to sign the "Treaty of Amity and Co-operation" with ASEAN, something open only to countries, not organisations.
19 Closing international organisations down is more difficult, involving fiddly decisions on pensions and redundancies.
20 These will shape the way that we work and develop organisations in the future.
21 No organisations or individuals with a genuine interest in talking to us are excluded or discouraged from contacting and engaging with this department," he said.
22 Free news and the migration of advertising to the web threaten the basic business models of almost all media organisations.
23 Civic organisations have taken to going in groups to report crimes and setting up advice booths outside prosecutors' offices.
24 UNHCR will help out, but generally they have to rely on the generosity of foreign-aid organisations and, occasionally, the goodwill of their own governments.
25 So long as NASA approves, it will give both organisations the chance to see how humans respond to lengthy doses of deep space radiation, a key problem on a longer Martian trip.
26 We offer a bespoke service to help companies and public organisations reduce carbon emissions.
27 Many organisations now provide a huge range of services especially tailored to your needs – whether that is taking a holiday without noisy teenage children or bespoke financial services.
28 Does your organisations environment encourage the formation of long lasting teams, and a safe-to-fail culture, how can we nurture more of this in the software development world?
29 So how can organisations balance efficiency with retaining and nurturing the best employees?
30 This meant that organisations could not communicate with either their staff or with each other.