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1 Take the first appointment of the morning or afternoon clinic, ” says organisational expert Jamie Novak, author of 1, 000 Best Quick And Easy Time-Saving Strategies.
2 Business is in the throes of a passionate love affair with simplicity - all the way up from product design to organisational design.
3 sayings in Washington, DC, is that “people are policy”. But equally important is where those people sit in the organisational charts that define access to power.
4 A separate study by the us Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology says our rational "left" brain dominates thinking early in the week and is better for routine, mundane jobs.
5 hours, one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world is brought to a complete standstill – just think of all the logistical and organisational requirements.
6 Indeed, the boffins at the Institute of Medicine reckon that spending on digitisation without connecting it to the organisational culture risks making things worse.
7 Obviously, a trip of this type requires three things: a sense of adventure, the organisational skills required to sort out the minefield of visa applications and, of course, fairly deep pockets.
8 A 1972 paper by Armen Alchian and Harold Demsetz, for example, describes how the firm evolved as an organisational form to prevent shirking in team production.
9 After their initial expedition to Dujiangyan, members of Mr Sun's fellowship were soon faced with a number of organisational and logistical constraints.
10 Once again, organisational culture, it seems, supersedes all else, even the effective management – and health – of talent.
11 We tend to think that it's having too much work that makes us ill. It certainly contributes but not as much as organisational constraints or role conflict.
12 Specialists in organisational behaviour have known for a while that people tend to interact much more with those who sit nearby, but it has never been clear whether that was just social grooming.
13 Most of his talk was about the internal organisational changes they had made in their team which would allow the team to service their clients better.
14 New end-user applications need to be delivered more rapidly than ever before, either to increase organisational agility or to deliver new products and services to market.
15 method I use for identifying complexity of the services is based on the decomposition of the organisational business model.
16 fixed-line phone “is the collective channel, a shared organisational tool, with most calls made 'in public' because they are relevant to the other members of the household,” she says.
17 Organisational culture triumphs over the logic of nurturing employees as a means of adding value to the business.
18 But ultimately the co-op took the conservative approach for organisational reasons: it was a nuisance to have farmer members distracted by their raw-milk sidelines.
19 descendants of his Malva-caste soldiers are also developing a reputation for organisational excellence.
20 of Organisational Intelligence", Blackwell, 1999.
21 They also showed great improvement in organisational skills。
22 Indeed, organisational behaviour is crucial to the overall level of social capital in a society.
23 Visit your local office supplies store and grab yourself a few organisational items to clean up your desk.
24 been to underutilise one of the big organisational advantages that the Big Four have: a large pool of partners who can help coach less experienced staff.
25 Patients put up with organisational shifts.
26 This paper examines the principles of organisational psychology, the role of emotional intelligence, and the realities of group dynamics, group behaviour, intergroup conflict and co-operation.
27 This article draws on a systems perspective and utilises a mixed-methods approach to assess the organisational capacity–viability nexus.
28 Other organisational tactics pioneered in this time include affinity groups, security culture and the use of decentralised technologies such as the Internet.
29 Charles Handy, in Gods of Management (1978) uses Greek gods as a metaphor to portray various types of organisational culture.
30 Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province functioned as an organisational and networking base for the anti-Soviet Afghan resistance, with the province's influential Deobandi ulama playing a major supporting role in promoting the 'jihad'. After the Soviet withdrawal, the civil war ensued until the communist regime under President Mohammad Najibullah collapsed in 1992.