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1 The lesson that I draw from this is that an organisation like al-Qaida that purports to represent the people and then targets them will never take the people with them.
2 This week the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruled that Boeing, its American rival, is also a guzzler of illegal handouts.
3 The same, of course, could be said of almost any media organisation.
4 But Schumacher never attempted to show that meanness of spirit bears any relationship to the size of the organisation in which it is being exercised.
5 organisation hopes American universities will be sufficiently convinced of the quality and ethical standards of member agencies that they will agree to work with them.
6 scenario envisages setting up a new organisation to oversee both the meters and data management.
7 They railed at America for taking a dispute over intellectual property to the World Trade Organisation.
8 He is now a gender activist and senior manager at the community organisation the Olive Leaf Foundation.
9 They could be given the right to see and correct the information about them that an organisation holds, and to be told how it was used and with whom it was Shared.
10 Nobody yet knows which, if any, of these models will work, but it is clear that revenue from online advertising alone will not be enough to cover the costs of running a traditional news organisation.
11 Two AA patrolmen followed the entire attempt in their van to witness the journey independently for the Guinness World Records organisation, which accredited the record.
12 But as chief executive of a dynamic information business, I also see how debilitating the stream of news and reaction can be for an organisation if mishandled.
13 former theology professor once admitted he had "no talent for... administration or organisation".
14 The International Maritime Organisation is discussing regulations that may force ships to belch out less carbon dioxide, and has introduced tighter limits on other pollutants.
15 One of the most chilling chapters in William Whyte’s “The Organisation Man” (1956), a study of corporate America at the height of managed capitalism, was entitled “The Fight Against Genius”.
16 Competitive advantage occurs when a organisation acquires or develops an attribute or combination of attributes that allows it to outperform its competitors.
17 The World Trade Organisation will rapidly wither as a negotiating forum for new rules; it may eventually lose its legitimacy as an arbiter of trade disputes, whereby the old rules are upheld.
18 This does not sound like an organisation in deep crisis.
19 Organisation of American States says that Michel Martelly, a singer, actually bested Mr Celestin and should replace him in the contest.
20 In a graph prepared for the World Meteorological Organisation in 1999, Dr Jones cut off the divergent part of one set of tree-ring data and spliced on data from thermometers.
21 He was learning the centrality of preparation - and organisation - to making political change.
22 Its precursor organisation grew into a nationwide network. In the 2004 elections it put this to good use, winning more than 7% of the vote.
23 Hamas "honours" all previous agreements of the Palestine Liberation Organisation [with Israel], which include recognition, provided the other side abides by all its reciprocal promises.
24 The agreement, mediated by Colombia and Venezuela, paves the way for Honduras to be readmitted to the Organisation of American States.
25 If it seems suitable for more than one UN organisation, the email will go to all parties simultaneously to give each a fair chance, and let all know who else has been informed.
26 The preferences you indicate here will determine which partnership proposals will be sent to your UN organisation.
27 free text box shown below is for the mission statement or other general description which describes the work of your UN organisation.
28 ONE simple way to assess the impact of any organisation is to answer the question: how is the world different because it existed?
29 It joined the Outer Space Treaty in March and alerted commercial airlines and the International Maritime Organisation to the launch schedule.
30 As for his management style, good organisation is no guarantee of success in foreign policy.