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No. sentence
1 Before V7, if you wanted to branch the mediation flow, the order of execution of these branches was nondeterministic.
2 I think you have got no right to order me about.
3 As Apple scrambles to add new features in order to capture back some of that market, its phones will inevitably slowly become a little more complex, too.
4 Ron Paul is an unusual politician because he is not content to shrug his shoulders, to "go with the flow, " as Californians say, or to go along in order to get along.
5 Peace and order were finally restored in the town.
6 We wish to order from you your products as per our purchase.
7 During engagements, however, practitioners go directly to their local playbook to quickly access the information they need in order to perform a given activity or task in the engagement cycle.
8 In order to meet the urgent needs of the four modernizations, improving the teaching quality is a task which Brooks no delay.
9 When you run your HATS application, HATS checks each new host screen to see if the screen matches any of your customizations, in the order you have specified.
10 They recognise that the drive for missile defence on the part of the US means that they need to expand their nuclear capabilities in order to stay in the same place.
11 These elements can be sorted, or processed in the order they appear.
12 In this narrative, information might appear in any order.
13 You can set the order of the fields either by selecting the first field that you want displayed in the list, and then the next, and so on, or by setting the position as you drag and place the fields.
14 samples' anti-fuzzing and pilling properties were tested in order to research the effect of different factors on anti-fuzzing and pilling properties of milk protein fiber knitted fabrics.
15 In order to prove his point he showed them the latest sales figures.
16 We lost an important order because the company directors mishandled the negotiations.
17 While I can see women in large Numbers adapting to that new world order, and adopting the ideology laid out on this domain, men may have more ambivalent feelings towards it.
18 Mr John ordered the goods by phone and I booked the order in.
19 They perturbed good social order with their rumours.
20 Migration of mapping document: Users need to migrate their DAD to annotated XML schema in order to use the new functions.
21 politicians jockeyed about in order to establish relative power within the party.
22 Not only will testers perform tasks in the correct order, but they will also see whether the results are what the developers were expecting.
23 Acknowledging that they will not be able to stop the Roma from coming straight back, French officials have taken fingerprints in order to make sure such returnees do not receive any more handouts.
24 In order to successfully refer when we use language, there must be an appropriate relationship between the speaker and the object referred to.
25 They are not hostile towards us, rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them.
26 DE Raadt published the email to a Gmane newsgroup, inviting the users of the IPsec code to audit it in order to find out if the allegations are true.
27 As you can see, the file traversal is depth first but not necessarily in any alphabetical order within a directory.
28 If you can get that level of depth of field for that cheap in order to single out your subjects in your photos, why not go for it?
29 He hurried me into putting my own house in order first.
30 I would have soon found the one I wanted if the books had kept in order.