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oracular in a sentence

1. The inspiration oracular-cult was probably introduced from Anatolia.

2. It seems an oracular cult existed in Delphi from the Mycenaean age.

3. Oracular sanctuaries to Apollo were established in other sites.

4. His oracular shrines include: Oracles were also given by sons of Apollo.

5. Themis inspired him to be the oracular voice of Delphi thereon.

6. Anbay was an oracular god of Qataban and also the spokesman of Amm.

7. this would become one of the most famous oracular statements from Delphi.

8. Themis built the Oracle at Delphi and was herself oracular.

9. Both Zeus and Apollo favored him, and Zeus gave him his oracular talent.

10. An oracular sanctuary existed near Thalamai in Laconia.

11. The Samian sibyl's oracular site was at Samos.

12. Her oracular responses the Senate transferred into the capitol.

13. Her oracular responses the Senate transferred into the capitol.

14. In Chinese traditional religion, the tortoise is an oracular animal.

15. Khakan speaks an oracular phrase into the fire.

16. it was reputed to have oracular powers.

17. Oracular shrines and sanctuaries were still popular.

18. Ellery is, as usual, more oracular than active."

19. Oracular Spectacular has received mostly positive reviews.

20. It was re-recorded for the Oracular Spectacular album.

21. Maya ritual included the use of hallucinogens for chilan, oracular priests.

22. The video was released to the Oracular Spectacular version.

23. These bones were also sometimes used for oracular and divinatory functions.

24. The Sibylline Books were a collection of oracular sayings.

25. Ritter described the record as "messianic oracular honky-tonk."

26. The gift of Apollo is bee maidens with oracular abilities.

27. In Arcadia Pan was the principal oracular deity, instead of Apollo.

28. At Mopsoukrene, the "spring of Mopsus", he had an oracular site.

29. Delphic pronouncements; an oracular message.

30. Kids "is the third single from MGMT's album Oracular Spectacular."