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1 Although calling people to repent, Smith's creed reflected contemporary American optimism in its emphasis on humanity's inherent goodness and limitless potential for progress.
2 I have been so moved by the generosity of donors, the passion of volunteers, and the perseverance, bravery and optimism of the survivors.
3 We must confront future with optimism.
4 reason for the renewed optimism is that, unlike in the first incarnation of Silicon Alley, the city now seems to have a few genuine winners.
5 second problem for the corporate-bond market is that optimism about the scope for an imminent end to the financial crisis has dissipated.
6 The appraisal is a contract between two people usually entered into in a spirit of embarrassment, false optimism and weary duty.
7 Moved by the optimism of the Iraqi team, Chinese netizens gave Iraqi coaches and athletes gifts such as sports shoes, Fuwa memorabilia and Chinese knots to express their best wishes Sunday.
8 And if you want it with someone, I wonder how you might go about it and what courage and optimism will help you to move in that direction.
9 There was a glow on his face, wrinkled by a life time of suffering, that inspired one with a feeling of unshakable optimism.
10 Bank of England doused much of the rekindled optimism about economic prospects when it presented its quarterly Inflation Report on May 13th.
11 Every year, January brings renewed optimism for change, for a better life, for a better you.
12 to discuss the influencing effect of personality, optimism and mastery to immigrant childrens subjective well-being(SWB).
13 Indeed, many of the JAMA and related articles and presentations are tinged with optimism.
14 OVER the past two centuries Latin America has seen bursts of exaggerated optimism interspersed with long periods of disappointment.
15 The nation was still a setting for optimism 75 years ago, the factories and mines and mills awaiting the workers whose magic touch would awaken industries from their slumber.
16 science of optimism, once scorned as an intellectually suspect province of pep rallies and smiley faces, is opening a new window on the workings of human consciousness.
17 The challenge is for us to cultivate as much optimism as we can muster, and to do this in anticipation of the unforeseen.
18 What touches me about them is their persistence and optimism in the face of so much difficulty.
19 But none of this seemed to matter to the dome enthusiasts; by virtue of Fuller's intoxicating rhetoric and boundless optimism, the dome was seen as an icon of our social salvation.
20 But even as the dialogue flounders there are at least some grounds for optimism.
21 They ended the discussion on a note of optimism.
22 Optimism is one thing, but hubris that the world economy is returning to normal could hinder recovery and block policies to protect against a further plunge into the depths.
23 Martin Seligman's book Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life ushered in the research on the advantages of having an optimistic attitude.
24 Let me repeat some figures that support the revival of optimism.
25 Every year, when I look out over my 700 eager freshmen on that first day of class, the view gives me optimism about the path ahead.
26 Likely it means that we have a healthy degree of optimism, self-confidence and openness, along with an adventurous spirit.
27 I really enjoy the ingenuity of scientists testing optimism and pessimism in starlings, episodic memory in scrub jays and meadow voles, joy in rats.
28 Yet in Davos, the developed world had lost the optimism of that heady time. The financial crash has left it pessimistic, groping for a way forward.
29 I sensed an odd mix of fatalism and optimism, which both run counter to my own views.
30 Leonardo DiCaprio has the right air of blessed, youthful optimism but he carries the same baggage that Redford did.