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oppressive in a sentence

1. The oppressive heat slows McTeague's progress.

2. and has not made me oppressive, impious.

3. The heat of summer is oppressive.

4. His rule was severe and oppressive.

5. Italy was less oppressive in that time.

6. The heat in the city that day was oppressive.

7. and to be a remainder of an oppressive tradition.

8. This circunstancia is oppressive;

9. 2001) evoke their oppressive seasonal settings.

10. Some states enacted oppressive measures.

11. The "atmosphere was oppressive" to her;

12. oppressive imperialism in the British Empire;

13. parents are oppressive;

14. Power has the oppressive detail of a novel.

15. "It's racist, it's classist, it's oppressive.

16. We see only the oppressive side of authority.

17. and oppressive conduct.

18. Less oppressive.

19. The atmosphere became oppressive and alarming.

20. The ban was arbitrary and oppressive.

21. He was noted for his "oppressive inaglios".

22. His home is the seat of an oppressive regime.

23. With Crabbe, we get mostly the oppressive.

24. No two oppressive regimes are identical.

25. Aldric did not consider this oppressive.

26. this is especially oppressive to Asian women.

27. She later described her childhood as oppressive.

28. Life in prison was oppressive.

29. The perfect happiness has oppressive features."

30. meek husband used the most oppressive wife.