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No. sentence
1 These rights are liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression.
2 Oppression drove them into open rebellion.
3 We beg President Obama to visit Hollandia when he comes to Indonesia in June to witness the oppression with his own eyes,” says the other, using the colonial name for Papua’s capital, Jayapura.
4 The rousing hymn of the international workers' movement-freedom thundering against oppression, starvelings rising to end the age of cant-was felt not to fit the needs of the contemporary Soviet Union.
5 Most of them have, so far, suffered far more severe symptoms, from Libya's civil war to the vicious oppression seen in Syria and Yemen, to the acrimonious muddle of Egypt.
6 But so long as there is injustice, tyranny, oppression and inequality, there will always be a place for the beloved outlaw hero, even if he was a Nurdler.
7 Humiliation and mental oppression by ignorant and selfish teachers wreak havoc in the youthful mind that can never be undone and often exert a baleful influence in later life.
8 Others in the group weighed in and he scribbled, "We are on the brink of a new era that we have always dreamed of, an Egypt free of oppression and tyranny… This is a great awaking.
9 Prejudice and oppression now occurs with impunity.
10 And there's no question that there are perils: the overthrow of the shah in Iran, of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, of Tito in Yugoslavia, all led to new oppression and bloodshed.
11 When asked about the oppression of women in Iran, he retorted that they were exempt from many responsibilities "because of the respect culturally given to women".
12 For me, grieved as I was about Catherine, it was impossible to avoid regarding this season of deliverance from degrading oppression as a holiday.
13 We can acknowledge that oppression will always be with us, and still strive for justice.
14 He went all over the country, rousing the workers and peasants for the struggle against oppression.
15 the second or third generation, however, memories of oppression grow dimmer.
16 Where there is oppression there is resistance.
17 This is to mark that I lived in terror under oppression," read one message.
18 There's been progress in that regard and yet it's still a global pandemic – the oppression of women and girls, " said coauthor Janice Du Mont."
19 The legal inequality of the two partners, bequeathed to us from earlier social conditions, is not the cause but the effect of the economic oppression of the woman.
20 courts held that the women were victims of cultural oppression and that was not grounds for asylum because they were not members of a persecuted group under US law.
21 But one advantage the Latvians have over their Celtic brethren is that Soviet oppression lingers in living memory, helping to stiffen national resolve.
22 In order to fight off oppression, the idea of a unifying Vedic force which defined the essence of Hinduism was intensely propagated by Hindu reformers.
23 transgressing and lying against the LORD, and departing away from our God, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood.
24 He said in his lifetime he had climbed a great mountain, the mountain of challenging and then defeating racial oppression and defeating apartheid.
25 Marx and Engels point out however that capitalism creates classes among the citizens, and leads to the oppression and exploitation of the lower classes.
26 contempt is due to those people who ask us to submit to unmerited oppression.
27 If only I could recreate the menacing atmosphere of oppression... but how?
28 Our patience and our solidarity did not make us forget the oppression.
29 It is actually, from the perspective of Human Study that focuses on self-fulfillment and self-development, the oppression of life and passion as well as human relationship.
30 nation, no group, no individual should stay buried in the rubble of oppression.