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No. sentence
1 The opposition plucked the Chancellor down from his high position.
2 In one, jubilant opposition supporters believe they are finally witnessing the end of Colonel Gaddafi.
3 The opposition blasted the government for high inflation.
4 The disturbances erupted against a background of claims that Italy's billionaire prime minister had secured the vote with promises to opposition lawmakers of high office or more tangible benefits.
5 In Japan the media and the opposition seize on such differences as evidence of disarray.
6 new tax laws were rammed through regardless of the opposition of the majority of the people.
7 The opposition voted against the package in both houses, but agreed neither to amend nor obstruct it.
8 She should be able to get it through the Bundestag without the need for opposition support.
9 He treated the television interview as an opportunity to have a lash-out at the opposition party.
10 These latest plans for an artificially cooled beach may be causing ripples around the world, but why isn't there more vocal opposition by environmentalists within Dubai?
11 The plans to desegregate the universities were met with opposition.
12 If you try to change the name of the school you will run up against a lot of opposition.
13 Enter their world and stand beside them, rather than in opposition.
14 One of the most important recurring decisions for any group is what their strategy will be in the face of opposition.
15 Who will oppose your initiative? What concerns will they have? What form will their opposition take?
16 In the 2005 election, when they were buoyed by their opposition to the Iraq war, they won more than a fifth of the votes, but less than a tenth of the seats.
17 They are not dissuaded by opposition, they can take complaints and view them as constructive criticism or Suggestions for improvement.
18 If anything, there will actually be an embarrassing margin in favor of the opposition in the runoff.
19 He says his party is ready to accept its role as the new opposition.
20 He pointed out the window to the highway and said that it had taken decades for Italy to build it, because of local opposition.
21 also what the Libyan opposition asked us to do.
22 At a prearranged signal he had his troops kill all the senators and the richest citizens; and when they were dead he seized and held the rule of the city without any opposition from the citizenry.
23 But with opposition to any decisive action strong within both the League and the UN, nothing more than feeble condemnation is likely.
24 The plan has encountered opposition in Congress, particularly from those who are unhappy about handing more power to the Fed.
25 For Myanmar's press, as stifled as any in the world, the opposition and its point of view might as well not exist.
26 As leader of the opposition, he learned the hard way.
27 With no opposition, Mr Mugabe won 85% of the vote in the runoff, but many were forced to vote for him.
28 opposition in the cabinet caused Lincoln to postpone action on the Fox plan.
29 The Left Opposition may turn out to be too weak to direct events in the interests of the proletariat at the present stage.
30 the strength of that opposition which drove the subject onto the agenda at Nagoya.