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No. sentence
1 Someone must arbitrate between opposing parties.
2 point guard dribbled the ball up the court. He stood above the top of the key, about twenty-four feet from the opposing team's basket.
3 Why do you think others might have an opposing view?
4 It's because the human mind believes in Suggestions and the more a statement is repeated the more likely it will turn into a belief if no opposing beliefs were found in the mind's Database.
5 Here I am opposing the holy brotherhood of climate model experts and the crowd of deluded citizens who believe the Numbers predicted by the computer models.
6 Those opposing action on climate change understand this well and frequently use images of electric light at night in their publicity as a metaphor for excitement, civilisation, and progress.
7 The French, scorned for opposing the invasion of Iraq in 2003, have been gloriously rehabilitated.
8 implication or allegation by opposing counsel would be that this constituted a wink and a nod to the interrogators.
9 But if ends clash, the opposing group will favor maximum inefficiency in pursuit of the disliked goal.
10 He alternated between supporting me and opposing me.
11 The eddies may result from opposing winds—winds from the north pushing the ice southward, and winds from the southwest pushing the ice toward the northeast.
12 Keeping a positive logbook and historical testing are other methods that provide arguments opposing the punitive parent mode.
13 Stop play, send both players from the field for violent conduct and restart play with an indirect free-kick to the opposing team from the place where the offence occurred.
14 Senate Republicans have said that they would object, but it is their own credibility that would be at risk in opposing so qualified a candidate.
15 Some policemen found me and asked to meet me because they disliked points I was making opposing "censorship".
16 What this mostly means is attack ads, financed by the opposing campaigns and their proxies.
17 Their lawyers, David Boies and Theodore Olson, were on opposing sides in Gore v Bush in 2000.
18 In an ever more polarised climate, almost any report on this subject can trigger opposing reactions.
19 Last week a consortium of major European industries issued a statement opposing any plans from the Commission to adopt a 30% CO2 cut without reciprocal agreements from the us.
20 yen is now being buffeted by opposing forces.
21 At a town hall in July he described his political style by saying that, as a teenager, he rammed his football helmet into the gut of an opposing player.
22 Actually, these two opposing sentiments are often in a delicate and unstable balance.
23 At the same time, the opposing online community mixes half-truths with prejudices to cement such a negative, distorted image of immigrants that it precludes any balanced immigration policy.
24 The people who read or hear your work will feel cheated if you slant the facts or present opposing opinions disingenuously.
25 The first attempt to accelerate each of two opposing beams of protons to 3.5 TeV apiece failed when a power supply shut down inadvertently and a new magnet-protection system tripped, dumping the beam.
26 The teacher’s biggest challenge is to keep this group of kids from splitting up into two opposing factions: one proschool and prolearning, the other antischool and antilearning.
27 I got some boos, too, for referring to the eighties as a decade of greed and opposing a cut in the capital gains tax.
28 He was always lost in the opposing ideas, such as absurdness and resistance, sorrow and happiness, individual and collectivity, desperation and hope, resistance and abstention, banishment and kingdom.
29 By opposing my amendment", he told the ATR, "you are defending wasteful spending and a DE facto tax increase on every American."
30 art career of Marcel Duchamp is an entrance which we understands Duchamp, and also a jumping-off point which the text discuss Duchamp from advocating art to opposing art.