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No. sentence
1 She execrated all who opposed her.
2 It should be forcefully opposed by all those who want to see this conflict end.
3 You provide the JRE, as opposed to having to use the JRE bundled with the Thin Application Client.
4 may be different causes for the learning and memory problems in rats as opposed to that of humans.
5 His motion was opposed by most members.
6 Some lawmakers opposed strengthening police powers to snoop.
7 You still acknowledge the fact that something might go wrong but you don't get stuck on it (as opposed to negative realism).
8 The moon is littered with evidence of past collisions, she says, but "all these collisions tend to make holes as opposed to mountains."
9 Most of the financial establishment had opposed the takeover and one competitor, Morgan Grenfell, refused to do business with him for 15 years afterwards.
10 Obama said he backs legislation in Congress to allow bankruptcy judges to modify the terms of primary home loans - an idea ardently opposed by the lending industry.
11 It either came from calcium supplements or was hidden in foods like frozen chocolate desserts containing milk proteins, fats and minerals (as opposed to whole milk).
12 no-fly zone over Libya would probably have to be through a "coalition of the willing" rather than a UN Security Council resolution-which would probably be opposed by both Russia and China.
13 A Chinese government-linked organization responsible for recovering looted cultural artifacts opposed selling the head at auction because there was no assurance that it would end up in China.
14 Britain usually opposed France, the strongest European state, although at times other states threatened European peace and stability as well.
15 Discontent came both from countries, such as Bolivia, that are opposed to the accord and all its works as well as from some of those, such as America, that are broadly in favour.
16 But if you want to see real Arabia, as opposed to a mass of shopping malls and luxury hotels, there is a far better option: Oman.
17 Both sides firmly opposed all forms of terrorism and recognized that any measures undertaken to prevent and combat terrorism must comply with obligations under international law.
18 they were able to measure how different brain regions reacted and communicated with one another when the volunteers viewed angry faces, as opposed to sad or neutral faces.
19 Here is a list of what I believe are the double-standards that some of us who have opposed nuclear power (I include myself in this) have used when arguing against it.
20 Some people say Patricia Barber is a sellout because she's a popular jazz musician as opposed to a starving jazz musician.
21 Mr Arafat had also been reluctant to subject himself to criticism from Fatah members opposed to the Oslo process or to allow open debate of contentious issues such as corruption.
22 However, giving others the right to question our worth (as opposed to our skills and performance) means we will forever live timidly in the shadow of needing their approval.
23 There’s a major perceived change in the way that Jeremy Hunt views things as opposed to Vince Cable.
24 But it's not a simple case of flourishing Banks versus ailing workers: Banks that are actually in the business of lending, as opposed to trading, are still in trouble.
25 When she first ran for office in 1983, the entire tribal council opposed her: not because she was an activist, but because she was a woman.
26 As opposed to eating mashed or baked potatoes, try boiling them to get the benefits of a high satiety meals.
27 Zyama had expended considerable energy publicizing the fact that he had a Siberian boxing champion working his door-he would have opposed a change at the door on a night without gangsters.
28 They arrived at this by working out the percentage of a household's total calories that were purchased from the market, as opposed to being grown, hunted or fished.
29 He execrated all who opposed him.
30 Reading in a pedantic way may turn you into a bookworm or a bookcase, and has long been opposed.