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No. sentence
1 In spite of different opinions, we must stay together and jointly oppose the enemy.
2 We oppose interference by any outside force.
3 Who will oppose your initiative? What concerns will they have? What form will their opposition take?
4 Timms angrily countered it was "not on for the Tories to support the merger one week and then oppose it for opportunist reasons a week later".
5 poll conducted for the BBC found that more people in 19 countries support recognition of a Palestinian state than oppose it.
6 Thus, it would have been sensible for him to remove any citizen with enough influence, power, or wealth to oppose his designs.
7 Germany is only the highest-profile euro country to oppose anything that threatens its financial sovereignty and to tout the near-sacred devotion of its parliament to budget discipline.
8 technology putting impressive fuel efficiency within reach, it will be hard for him to oppose measures that could reduce the national appetite for foreign oil by millions of barrels a year.
9 Besides China, airline companies in the US, Japan and Singapore all oppose the fee and plan to Sue the European Commission.
10 advertiser or a politician or talk show host given to [bull] "does not reject the authority of the truth, as the liar does, and oppose himself to it," he writes.
11 Why have we come to accept electronic music, then? Why did we oppose it and what sort of technologically enhanced music awaits us in the future?
12 We stand for dialogue between Palestine and Israel and oppose confrontation, especially violence against innocent civilians.
13 We firmly oppose ourselves to seizing on others' faultsm to putting hats on people, and to wielding the big stick.
14 They will actively promote the Doha Round negotiations and oppose trade and investment protectionism together.
15 continuing use of grain to turn into fuel is an ongoing crime against humanity, which anyone with humanitarian instincts should oppose as vigorously as possible.
16 Oppose extravagant eating and drinking and pay attention to thrift and economy.
17 Should we oppose the President or just not support the President?
18 The worst that a prince can expect from a hostile people is to be abandoned by them; but with a hostile nobility, not only does he have to fear being abandoned, but also that they will oppose him.
19 Who will oppose your initiative?
20 They oppose peace.
21 We oppose the use of force in international relations and have serious reservations with part of the resolution.
22 then not only did we lose them, we actually, in many cases, thrust some of them into the insurgent camp because their entire incentive was to oppose the new Iraq, not to support it.
23 He was now, besides, too weak to oppose anything.
24 In trying to prevent fights, some women refuse to oppose the will of others openly.
25 Second, we should open markets further and oppose all forms of protectionism.
26 We oppose and condemn the barbarian agression by Israel on Palestine, and demand Israel fully withdraw from the Palestinian area.
27 They oppose most external interference with an individual's choices - whether by society, the state, or any other group or institution.
28 Iran has also helped Turkey in its battle against the pkk-though it continues to flirt with hardliners who oppose any deal with the Turkish government.
29 Thus, I oppose the desire for oblivion that gnaws at our roots even as the light is summoning us to bloom.
30 If gene jumps can occur naturally between plants belonging to different species, does this mean that there is no longer any reason to oppose genetically modified crops?