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No. sentence
1 He defeated his opponents in this election.
2 election of the new government was met by a challenge from its opponents.
3 The Kurds need America's patronage more than ever now that its troops are leaving and the Kurds' opponents in Baghdad have a freer rein.
4 Opponents naturally point out that simplified characters have dominated on the mainland China for more than 50 years and it would be extremely difficult and costly to change that.
5 He zapped his opponents by forcing price down to sell his goods.
6 But opponents of mobile towers sometimes point to an extra worry: radiation.
7 Even the staunchest opponents of spelling reform should feel dismayed at seeing the list in the title of this essay.
8 American TV advertising, which has bounced back strongly from the recession, will rise higher as politicians begin to pour money into 30-second spots attacking their opponents.
9 Opponents of shareholder capitalism claim that it is unscrupulous.
10 He conceded the election to his opponents.
11 This shift can be complex, expensive and there is no shortage of opponents to the change.
12 Women with Aries prominent often seem to work to overcome or defeat their partners, but in the event they succeed, have a tendency to lose respect for their formerly admired "opponents".
13 President Barack Obama, in a prime-time address to Congress on Wednesday, combined tough talk to opponents with fresh olive branches on policy to try to break the impasse on revamping health care.
14 But Norton was no Spencerian, and he, too, strove for Martin's philosophic soul, talking as much at him as to his two opponents.
15 The boxer saw his chance and struck out at his opponent's jaw.
16 Draw your opponent's trump.
17 But not everyone agrees. Businesses, which send advertisements in bulk, will be fierce opponents of any reduction in delivery days.
18 Mr Rajapaksa’s hawkish government seem convinced that his opponents are conspiring with the West or, worse, with the active and educated Tamil diaspora, to discredit him.
19 you been impressed by the civility of the discussion and the intellectual honesty of reform opponents?
20 Woman politicians are still a rarity in Thailand, and her male opponents were unsure whether they should attack her or be gentlemanly.
21 Shouldn't Apple have been more aggressive about changing the game while its opponents were curled up in the fetal position?
22 The person inside would then use various levers to make the Turk move, pick up chess pieces and even shake his head disapprovingly at opponents trying to cheat.
23 ironically, veer more towards sensationalism, are the attempts by opponents of climate action to lambast such discussions as opportunistic, to try to shut down the dialogue.
24 She frowned down all her opponents.
25 But Martelly says despite being opponents for the presidency, he and Jean are friends.
26 Collect shields to plow through your opponents with.
27 is a very significant shift because it takes the wind out of our opponents.
28 Many opponents of the shark fin ban say they would support a ban on the entire shark.
29 He appears to have persuaded some white and middle-class voters that he is not the left-wing firebrand his opponents made him out to be during the election campaign.
30 They may also feel they have a right to the jobs and the perks their opponents enjoyed.