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No. sentence
1 our opinions diverge from each other.
2 Opinions are divided on this point.
3 I cannot agree with your opinions.
4 We should recant all opinions which are in conflict with those proclaimed by the central leadership.
5 The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Chris Taylor.
6 In spite of different opinions, we must stay together and jointly oppose the enemy.
7 Our opinions were divided on the matter.
8 If you do, you will run across an almost endless list of opinions, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, etc, most of which claim to be quite accurate and sensible.
9 The writer wound his opinions through this article.
10 I fully endorse your opinions on this subject.
11 Never identify opinions with facts.
12 As opinions vary on that point, no decision can be reached.
13 She always obtruded her opinions upon others.
14 But most interesting is another explanation, which is that people do good in part because it makes them look good to those whose opinions they care about.
15 Everyone in my family is well educated, which is why simple dinner chit-chat usually segues into an exuberant discussion chock full of sarcasm, wit and the occasional clash of opinions.
16 The point of learning is to improve an individual's chances of surviving and reproducing: if the experience and opinions of others can be harnessed to that end, so much the better.
17 Public opinions have polarized on this issue.
18 Like Plato, he saw the public as a great beast or a bewildered herd, floundering in the 'chaos of local opinions'.
19 question is how to arrive at your opinions and not what your opinions are.
20 Join an online community.Many running Web sites, including ours, have forums or message boards where runners exchange information, opinions, and greetings that develop into digital friendships.
21 Many Chinese have traveled abroad and have seen first hand the freedoms in other countries, and the Internet provides access to opinions and facts on many thousands of subjects.
22 I need hardly state that my cousin was not a severe critic; in point of fact the opinions he expressed would have done splendidly as advertisements.
23 In their youthful, angry, but idealistic way they are unclear how to do this, but this does not mean that their opinions don't count.
24 Reading habits have shifted from newspapers and books to short bursts of instant facts or opinions.
25 Don't press your opinions upon her.
26 the two opinions, I prefer the former.
27 My opinions are similar to his.
28 we all our have opinions.
29 They might not agree with my opinions.
30 Some of us might talk with other people asking for their opinions, but that is it.