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ophis meaning in a sentence

1. The order Gymnophiona (from the Greek gymnos meaning "naked" and ophis meaning "serpent") or Apoda comprises the caecilians.

2. The scientific name is from the Greek ophis meaning "snake", and refers to their eel-like appearance.

3. The New Latin name, Lycognathophis, is derived from the Greek words λύκος (lykos) meaning "wolf", γνάθος (gnathos) meaning "jaw", and όφις (ophis) meaning "snake", referring to the snake's dentition.

4. The genus name is derived from the Greek, "ophis", meaning a serpent, and "sternon", meaning chest.

5. The generic name, Adelophis, is from the Greek words adēlos meaning "uncertain" or "obscure" and ophis meaning "snake", together referring to Dugès' uncertainty of the taxonomic placement of the genus.

6. Kelyophis (/keɪliːˈoʊfɪs/; meaning 'small serpent' from the Malagasy word kely (meaning "small") and the Greek word ὄφις (ophis, meaning "serpent")) is an extinct genus of nigerophiid snake which existed in Madagascar during the Late Cretaceous.

7. The name Ophiuroidea comes from the roots, ophis, meaning snake and oura, which means tail, referring to the thin, spiraling shape of the basket stars’ arms.