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No. sentence
1 I firmly believe that just like for tethering it's operators who don't want to hear about podcasts.
2 This is one of the reasons why operators love those systems.
3 Warfighters, end users and operators submit their requirements, but these are boiled down to rigid specifications in the acquisition process.
4 Tour operators offer trips to the islands from Bali, while the animals can be seen at a number of zoos, including London.
5 Splash guard pivots up and down with operator's arm, removes easily for cleaning.
6 Of these 28% will be franchised to other hotel operators, 30% will be managed but not owned by Accor and the rest will be fully owned or leased.
7 Basic regulated standards of fair treatment and redress are essential, to avoid vulnerable households being exploited by unscrupulous operators.
8 Most of it probably will havechanged hands, and it will be deposited by operators of motels, gasolinestations, restaurants, and retail stores.
9 Each download costs a few cents, most of which goes to the portal, but the mobile operators then make money as subscribers send jokes and pictures to each other.
10 new value comparison operators will report an error if either operand in the comparison contains more than one value, so using them expedites detection of the error.
11 This is because traversal operators always return lists, even if there is only one item, or none, in the result.
12 Egypt draws seven million to eight million tourists annually from Europe through its partnerships with the largest tour operators.
13 Drivers of heavy trucks can pull in six-figure salaries, recruiters say, while experienced crane operators can earn hundreds of thousands a year.
14 Runtime statistics can also be gathered for access plan operators during the execution of a section.
15 We share with them our development plans for China, and we ask them for their point of view and if they know people, or investors or operators who can help us build a resort in that location.
16 Operators who had experienced denial of service attacks often said the incidents had at least some effect, from minor service interruptions to sustained damage and critical breakdowns.
17 It is a bold attempt to rally some of the industry's biggest operators to build a joint global platform through which software companies and content providers can sell things to mobile subscribers.
18 If operators reckon there is money to be made running mobile networks even in some of the poorest parts of the world, have USFs had their day?
19 systems administrator or even operators (through WPAR manager) to move these virtual operating system partitions to other systems, without incurring any downtime.
20 In Europe, for example, some network operators correlate the location of the caller with businesses in that area.
21 Basic Search allows you to use + and - but you can not use Boolean operators or more complex expressions.
22 This covers all the operators in this access plan.
23 These operators split the order stream into two separate streams.
24 For the example scenario, you will extend this application by placing an operator between the last two operators on the right side of the graph.
25 She said they were just operators who lacked conviction.
26 Should they go to existing telecoms operators or be directed towards new entrants?
27 Next, operators (12) and (11) can be both skipped because they are not applying any predicates, just sorting and scanning from the sorted data, and the SORT is not distincting.
28 If you could not pop two operators, the syntax of the postfix expression was not correct.
29 However, all the logical and comparison operators consistently return the value 1 for true.
30 Ultimately, operators want to become one-stop shops for all services and thereby increase their average revenue per user.