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only two events in a sentence

1. There are only two events that cause the match to be paused resulting in people entering the BattleBox.

2. During the first four months of 1981, Austin played only two events because of chronic injuries.

3. Only two events of note occurred between June and November 1918.

4. The team achieved finishes in only two events, the best being eighth place for Larry Perkins in the 1976 Belgian Grand Prix.

5. He played in only two events in 1994.

6. The Paine brothers contested only two events, taking the top two spots in the event in which they both competed, the military pistol.

7. Pettersen had played only two events before Matthew chose her and missed the cut in both.

8. 2014 saw Reindler on a hiatus from the sport competing in only two events;

9. Ski jumping at the 1996 Asian Winter Games took place in the city of Harbin, China with only two events being contested — both of them men's events.

10. He competed in only two events and won medals in both.

11. it is one of only two events in the College calendar where students from both campuses are gathered in one place.

12. Throughout 1959, only two events varied her routine of radar picket operation out of Newport.

13. Sponsored by the Piatigorsky Foundation, only two events were held, in 1963 and 1966.

14. In 2006 they raced in only two events and Sergis failed to score a GP victory for the first time since 1995, finishing 19th overall.

15. Track events were absent from the programme and the only two events were an individual time trial and an individual road race.

16. At the 2010 World Championships in Rotterdam, Demyanchuk competed on only two events, bars and beam.

17. Debuted: 1938. This is one of only two events held at every championships.

18. Hampered by an ankle injury, she performed on only two events in qualifications: uneven bars and balance beam.

19. He raced his final USAC race in the middle of 1983 and the series folded after running only two events in 1984.

20. Track events were absent from the programme and the only two events were an individual time trial and an individual road race.

21. She competed on only two events to spare her toe, and tied for third place on the uneven bars with fellow 2012 Olympic alternate Sarah Finnegan.

22. However, on June 23, it was confirmed that only two events would take place during this summer series.

23. The new team took part in only two events this season and came 24th overall.

24. So far there are only two events which were collaborations with other mobile games.

25. The Japanese Grand Prix was one of only two events in the 2015 season to have only one drag reduction system (DRS) zone, the other being Monaco.

26. competing only two events.

27. A month later, Boyce competed at the National Elite Qualifier but competed only two events.

28. By 2006, this had led to only two events being eligible – the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix and the Australian Formula One Grand Prix.

29. It is the first of only two events of this kind in Australia, the second happening in Sydney in 2007.

30. Having taken part in only two events on the women's snooker circuit, Shi began the 2019–20 season ranked 44th.