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No. sentence
1 With this instant film the picture develops in only one minute.
2 If your model has big ears, then turn their head so only one is showing and then feather the light so that the other ear will fall into shadows and not be noticeable.
3 This was only one of many murder cases he judged.
4 Jane was the only one who fulfilled all the conditions; she was of the required age, height and colour.
5 But that point is reached sooner by those who have only one sibling rival, or none at all.
6 This file contains only one record for each user.
7 Each file can have only one owner and one group.
8 So if you are going to read only one or two sections, we suggest those two.
9 The police needed only one day to break this case.
10 This layer should make the multipath solution transparent to users by showing them only one device and path.
11 Also, each probe into the inner input of both NLJOIN operations matches only one record.
12 common view that drinking makes you forget about things and impairs your learning is not wrong, but it highlights only one side of what alcohol does to the brain.
13 Dynamic programming is maybe the most important use of computer science in biology, but certainly not the only one.
14 Twenty years ago, after the drought, our situation here was quite desperate, but now we live much better," he said. "Before, most families had only one granary each."
15 I'm not the only one who's ambivalent: while most Americans are curious to learn what's in their genes, fewer than 100, 000 have actually bought the scans available to them.
16 In households with only one parent and at least one child under 18, the amount drops to $188.
17 Mr Crane is not the only one who is concerned.
18 But only one business or brand or product can be the cheapest.
19 That is, you make sure that only one thread at a time can access a certain data structure by locking and unlocking it.
20 Germany needs only one to manage cash and settlements for its savings Banks but the state premiers have resisted pressure for mergers.
21 such, he is the only one of 10 trustees of the funds to have anything invested in them.
22 But however good computers get at classifying paintings, they are likely to remain only one of the tools used to detect forgeries.
23 This was another reason why we had the test visit only one page in the simulation, because it make be a better comparison.
24 In the WPT recording, we set the number of threads per client to 1 (one), but because there is only one page to visit, this number is irrelevant.
25 Note: Run this command on only one node.
26 So, search is only one part of the ad market.
27 director noodled for two days for only one scene.
28 The king had only one weakness.
29 Adverts on billboards, in magazines and on the Internet, comprise only one strand of the complex tobacco marketing net.
30 only one set of files containing the logic for these applications per installation, and those application files are located with the rest of the core product binary files.