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1 In contrast to the primarily agricultural economy of the previous century, this was only about 1% of the state's gross domestic product.
2 they constitute only about 1% of Shakespeare's blank verse).
3 They were scarce in comparison to the populations of other insects, representing only about 1% of the entire insect population.
4 The EU Commission has notably considered the costs for validating a European patent in 27 countries while in reality only about 1% of all granted European patents are currently validated in all 27 contracting states.
5 Cocaine has a short half life of 0.7-1.5 hours and is extensively metabolized by cholinesterase enzymes (primarily in the liver and plasma), with only about 1% excreted unchanged in the urine.
6 Only about 1% of all distance travelled was by plane in 2002.
7 Annually, only about 1% is "new" water originating from rivers, precipitation, and groundwater springs that drain into the lakes.
8 Similarly, it has enabled new crops like apples, strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and carrots to be grown and for the cultivated areas of the country to be extended although even now only about 1% of Greenland is considered arable.
9 Aerobraking does not require a thick atmosphere – for example most Mars landers use the technique, and Mars' atmosphere is only about 1% as thick as Earth's. Aerobraking converts the spacecraft's kinetic energy into heat, so it requires a heatshield to prevent the craft from burning up. As a result, aerobraking is only helpful in cases where the fuel needed to transport the heatshield to the planet is less than the fuel that would be required to brake an unshielded craft by firing its engines.
10 Protons are composite particles composed of three valence quarks: two up quarks of charge +2/3e and one down quark of charge −1/3e. The rest masses of quarks contribute only about 1% of a proton's mass.
11 the individual quarks provide only about 1% of the mass of a proton.
12 What is now known as terbium was only about 1% of the original yttria, but that was sufficient to impart a yellowish color to the yttrium oxide.
13 In contrast, GM made only about 1% of its income from military sales, compared to 5% for Chrysler, and only submitted their bid after a "special plea" from the Pentagon.
14 only about 1% of cases are fatal, but it may precede the onset of generalized tetanus.
15 only about 1% of the electrical energy sent by an amplifier to a typical home loudspeaker is converted to acoustic energy.
16 Only about 1% of Comanches speak this language today.
17 By 1986, roughly 25% of households in the U.S. owned a microwave oven, up from only about 1% in 1971;
18 Given that only about 1% of people on Medicare got premium support when Aaron and Reischauer first wrote their proposal in 1995 and the percentage is now 35%, on the way to 50% by 2040 according to the Trustees, perhaps no further reform is needed.
19 During a trial, witnesses were brought forward to testify that no French prisoners had been imported to work at the plant — a very narrow question, since only about 1% of imported workers were from countries that were neutral or allied with Germany.
20 Only about 1% of the energy need is fulfilled by electricity.
21 Estimates put Nepal's economically feasible hydro-power potential at approximately 42,000 MW. However, Nepal has been able to exploit only about 1,100 MW. As most of it is generated from run-of-river (ROR) plants, the actual power produced is much lower in the dry winter months when peak demand can reach as high as 1,200 MW, and Nepal needs to import as much as 650 MW from India to meet the demands.
22 As the air in the Nevada desert is extremely dry, the dissipation of radio waves is only about 1% of the values in humid Western Europe.
23 In the high energy range, the flux of electrons is only about 1% of that of protons.
24 Haloperidol is heavily protein bound in human plasma, with a free fraction of only 7.5 to 11.6%. It is also extensively metabolized in the liver with only about 1% of the administered dose excreted unchanged in the urine.
25 This is only about 1% of the Green voters.
26 It is grayish white in all areas of its wings that are normally orange and is only about 1% or less of all monarchs, but populations as high as 10% exist on Oahu in Hawaii.
27 The plasma confinement in the best RFP's is only about 1% as good as in the best tokamaks.
28 Even if muons were absolutely stable, each muon could catalyze, on average, only about 100 d-t fusions before sticking to an alpha particle, which is only about one-fifth the number of muon catalyzed d-t fusions needed for break-even, where as much thermal energy is generated as electrical energy is consumed to produce the muons in the first place, according to Jackson's rough 1957 estimate.
29 Of more practical interest, deuterium-deuterium muon-catalyzed fusion has been frequently observed and extensively studied experimentally, in large part because deuterium already exists in relative abundance and, like hydrogen, deuterium is not at all radioactive (Tritium rarely occurs naturally, and is radioactive with a half-life of about 12.5 years.) The fusion rate for d-d muon-catalyzed fusion has been estimated to be only about 1% of the fusion rate for d-t muon-catalyzed fusion, but this still gives about one d-d nuclear fusion every 10 to 100 picoseconds or so. However, the energy released with every d-d muon-catalyzed fusion reaction is only about 20% or so of the energy released with every d-t muon-catalyzed fusion reaction.
30 Some mercury vapor is absorbed dermally, but uptake by this route is only about 1% of that by inhalation.