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only Vietnamese in a sentence

1. Of these languages, only Vietnamese, Khmer and Mon have a long-established recorded history and only Vietnamese and Khmer have official status as modern national languages (in Vietnam and Cambodia, respectively).

2. The term "Vietic" was proposed by Hayes (1992), who proposed to redefine Viet–Muong as referring to a subbranch of Vietic containing only Vietnamese and Muong.

3. Flight Leader Tran Hanh was the only Vietnamese survivor from the air battle and believed that the others in his flight were "... shot down by the F-105s."

4. Those totals include only Vietnamese deaths, and do not include American and other allied military deaths which amounted to about 64,000.

5. It was the only Vietnamese medal during the 2000 Summer Olympics, and their first of four Olympic medals.

6. He is the first and only Vietnamese American to be elected to the Texas legislature.

7. In 2006, she is the only Vietnamese artist performing in Asian Divas night in Nagoya, Japan.

8. Lansdale called Diệm "the only Vietnamese with executive ability and the required determination to be an effective President" and said the new ambassador needed thus needed to have a rapport with him.

9. Launched in 1954, the publication is introduced in the largest number of foreign languages and is the only Vietnamese paper published in Latin American countries (currently Cuba and Mexico).

10. Most of the technicians speak only Vietnamese, though they typically learn some Wolof language agricultural vocabulary during their time in the country.

11. However, their teacher spoke to them in only Vietnamese;

12. It is the only Vietnamese film to secure a nomination, and was the first nomination received by a Southeast Asian country in the category.

13. The market sold only Vietnamese food.

14. A photo of the award ceremony shown three players but only Vietnamese and Thai players are identified.

15. Danny Graves, who is a two-time All-Star (2000 and 2004) and won the 2002 Lou Gehrig Memorial Award, is the only Vietnamese-born player in MLB history.

16. In 2005 Thai Xuan was the only Vietnamese village complex where Chinh held masses.

17. She did not win Gold in the Asia New Singer contest in 1999 as previously stated on here, to this date the only Vietnamese singer to place was My Tam with the Bronze in 2000.

18. In June 2015, YouTube introduced Music Insight and she was the only Vietnamese singer to have the highest views on YouTube.

19. Unfortunately, the library has only Vietnamese forms and, apart from a few senior personnel, many librarians speak neither Chinese nor English.

20. As of 2014, the Nam Viet restaurant is the only Vietnamese business remaining from the original Little Saigon community, and Four Sisters is a Vietnamese restaurant that opened since the decline of Little Saigon.

21. He is the only Vietnamese person recognized with this honour.

22. Halotel is currently the only Vietnamese firm operating in Tanzania with a $700 million initial investment.

23. Lời Yêu Còn Mãi was the first ever CD to have only Vietnamese songs listed according to copyright law.

24. He is probably the only Vietnamese who received an OBE.

25. Chi Pu is the first and only Vietnamese artist with a self-titled mobile game, Chi Pu - VSao, which was released in 2015.

26. In November 2016, Chi Pu was the only Vietnamese artist attending the first Asia Artist Awards in Seoul, Korea.

27. He became the first and only Vietnamese American to hold an elected office in Massachusetts.

28. He is also the only Vietnamese coach chosen by the German Football Association (DFB) to attend the A-level (senior) training course in August 2009, at the Hennef Sports School.

29. It is one of only three teams to hold the title of VCS champions, and the only Vietnamese team to make two consecutive appearances at the League of Legends World Championship, in 2017 and 2018.

30. Soon after that, he was the only Vietnamese director to collaborate with a Korean crew on Rain's Vietnam Tour in June 2005.