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only 24 matches in a sentence

1. His wrist injury resurfaced, and he played only 24 matches during the year.

2. He had a 20-year first-class cricket career, but as the career included two gaps of more than six years without a single first-class game (one of the gaps being the Second World War), he totalled only 24 matches in all, including his three Test appearances.

3. Later, for the next season and a half, Vujaklija played only 24 matches, without a goal.

4. His appearances continued sporadically: his first outing of the 1936–37 season was not until December, and in January, "The Rover" suggested that in light of only 24 matches spread over two years with the club, "it is scarcely to be expected that he can be a positive star whenever he is drafted into active service", but that his recent run of games had made a clear improvement.

5. In the 1950–51 campaign he contributed with 17 goals in only 24 matches;

6. Note that Championship round teams will play in 28 matchdays, and the Relegation round teams will compete in only 24 matches.