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No. sentence
1 The robbers not only took his money but also laid into him.
2 Romans took over from the Greeks not only their philosophy but their arts.
3 You only live once, you only get one bite at the apple, I suggest you go after your dreams.
4 Some people use their time and money badly and start at the top only to work down to the proper level of their poor abilities.
5 He only drank a cup of black tea and nibbled at a piece of dry bread for his supper.
6 I'm happy to know my arugula will not turn up on the plate tasting like a plastic bag, and that my lamb nibbled only on tender herbs and grasses.
7 Not only that, it can give us nourishment at any time, though they are nibbled for several thousands of years, they are still fresh.
8 With sweat on my brow I ate my bread, yet in all these practices there is evidence only of my fidelity, nothing of enjoyment.
9 With him is only the arm of flesh, but with us is the Lord our God to help us and to fight our battles.
10 I must emphasize the fact that she is only a little girl.
11 He can outthink me only in the field of the society.
12 With this instant film the picture develops in only one minute.
13 She is not only a teacher of music, she composes.
14 Cheshire Puss,' she began, rather timidly, as she did not at all know whether it would like the name: however, it only grinned a little wider.
15 If your model has big ears, then turn their head so only one is showing and then feather the light so that the other ear will fall into shadows and not be noticeable.
16 ear is the sure clue to him: only a musician can understand the play of feeling which is the real rarity in his early plays.
17 If you have multiple lists sharing the same sublist, it looks like a tree graphically, but because the lists only go in a straight sequence, you cannot access the other branches from any other branch.
18 In dynamic registration, only those resource managers which register with the transaction manager get involved in the transaction branch.
19 We may indeed graft living branch to living tree, or living part of animal or man to other living part, but it is not life with which we are working; it is form only.
20 He doesn't like guests, especially journalists, leaves his hut only once a month and avoids people but the villagers still like him because he sells them grapes and other fruits at a rather low price.
21 The fully-grown fruit (to use a more delicate expression) should be soft, brown and with a specific aroma which it acquires only by ripening for a few weeks.
22 Not only because they generally have shopping with them for the market, but because they are often on the heavy side.
23 These sorts of issues are very hard to test for because they generally only occur when an application is under heavy load.
24 fruit of our lives may be visible only to those who live after us.
25 He soon found a huge bear, shot at it but only wounded it.
26 For the most serious investors, money is not the only investment they make, the entire worth of their beings depends on the bull or the bear.
27 She CARES only for herself.
28 She only scorned for it.
29 This was only one of many murder cases he judged.
30 So he started paring down his material life, selling off his condo in New York, his mansion in Florida and his only car.