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No. sentence
1 Overlap sheets of newspaper by about one third of their length and roll them into a tube.
2 if there's one third we know, the Japanese have money.
3 Around one third of our meals should be based on carbohydrate, with roughly one half of these grains being whole.
4 That amounts to one third of the total work force in that sector.
5 fires occur in the park each year; in the large forest fires of 1988, nearly one third of the park burnt.
6 Meanwhile, those patients who continue with the more expensive haemodialysis must now pay one third of the total cost of treatment.
7 A survey found that over one third us employers have fired workers for misusing the Internet on the job.
8 Globally, a rise of 1c in sea surface temperature would increase the occurrence of strong storms by about one third, the researchers calculate.
9 Other tradeoffs occur in the solution space: for example, the use of one technology over another, or one third-party component over another, or even the use of one set of patterns over another.
10 Almost all had been prescribed drugs to reduce the risk of a second heart attack yet one third of smokers had not quit.
11 WHO estimates, for example, that this highly transmissible disease could infect around one third of the urban population, or up to 4.5 million people, in Lagos, Nigeria alone.
12 American, or almost one third of all Americans, are single.
13 According to statistics, one third of the village farmers breeding goldfish, goldfish is a famous village of Shek Pai.
14 According to statistics, one third of the village farmers breeding goldfish, it is a famous goldfish village in Shek Pai.
15 Overall about one third of patients with claudication will improve, one third will remain stable and one third will deteriorate.
16 Over one third of all child deaths are linked to malnutrition.
17 Malnutrition is estimated to contribute to more than one third of all child deaths.
18 Although this Zigzag Bridge in the whole Linze is that tiny, but if there is no this Zigzag Bridge, Linze will lose one third of the charm.
19 One third of the population doesn’t even have a gag reflex!
20 Grate the cheese and sprinkle about one third of it over the ham. Continue until you have three layers of omelette, ham and cheese.
21 About one third of jazz is in blues form with twelve measures4 in a song and USES — blue notes, "the flatted third, fifth, and seventh notes of the musical scale."
22 She devotes one third of her income to savings, one third to living expenses, and one third to charity.
23 Under Belgian law, convicts can ask for early release after serving one third of their sentence.
24 One third of the world's population is infected with latent TB, and at risk of developing the active disease.
25 In many parts of the world, the characteristic 1 croaking has been suddenly stilled in recent years. 2 Amphibians are in serious trouble with one third of 3 species at risk of 4 extinction.
26 Around one third of these cases occurred in patients whose immune systems were severely suppressed by haematological malignancy, aggressive chemotherapy for cancer, or post-transplant treatment.
27 Chinese unit of length equaling one third of a meter.
28 one third of children under five in developing countries were estimated to be stunted as a consequence of poor feeding and repeated infections.
29 residential community, each intensive green area shall be more than 400 SQM and at least one third of the green area is beyond the building interval area.
30 Thailand "s population is dominated by ethnic Thai and Lao, the latter concentrated in the northeastern Isan region and making up around one third of the population."