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one point in a sentence

1. at one point, he was comatose.

2. Each try is worth one point.

3. This is one point settled.

4. We start from one point.

5. At one point, Mrs.

6. At one point the Streit &

7. All at one point.

8. A goal is worth one point.

9. 1959 Riley One-Point-Five.

10. at one point, he had EFGHOOT.

11. At one point, You Wish!

12. At one point, Prof.

13. It is worth one point.

14. The Chiefs lost by one point.

15. At one point, Capt.

16. At one point SuperPoke!

17. Mix. At one point Mrs.

18. At one point he became blind.

19. seventh place, one point.

20. At one point she owned nine.

21. and Verizon–One Point.

22. Each goal is worth one point.

23. draw, one point;

24. Doing so earned one point.

25. Each goal is worth one point.

26. Brazil earn one point;

27. Aces are worth one point.

28. Each pair is worth one point.

29. So there is one point.

30. You're harping on one point.